Blindspot season 1 spoilers
Sullivan Stapleton (left), who plays FBI Agent Kurt Weller on "Blindspot," talks about his complicated relationship with Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander). Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander in a promo shot for "Blindspot." NBC

NBC's new hit show "Blindspot" is only two episodes in, but a lot has already been revealed about the mysterious Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander). In last week's episode, it's revealed that Jane's real name might be Taylor Shaw, Agent Kurt Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) childhood friend who went missing more than 20 years ago.

Fans also learn that Weller's estranged father may have had something to do with Taylor's disappearance and possible murder. Monday's episode 3, titled "Eight Slim Grins," will reveal that Jane has the same Navy SEAL tattoo as a jewel thief and she gets a visit from a guy she's seen in her memories. Weller and his colleagues also have a hard time accepting Jane as a part of their team.

In a recent interview, "Blindspot" creator Martin Gero told media, including International Business Times, that Jane's involvement with the FBI team has good and bad consequences.

"She slowly becomes very close with all of them. She really has an impact on all of their lives," Gero said. "It’s a fun line to trace as who welcomes her with open arms, who [has] suspicious of her, who’s worried about her. It runs the gamut and all of their lives are changed for good and for bad by knowing Jane.”

Even though Jane's presence may not be well-received by everyone, Sullivan said in a conference call with the press that he's excited about exploring his character's connection to Jane.

“At first, we are quite suspicious as to why the FBI was directly linked to this case, and why his name was tattooed on her back," Sullivan admits. "Then through the investigation and the tests they’ve put her through, he realizes that she’s telling the truth.”

As previously mentioned, episode 2 provided probably the first real clue into Jane's indentity, but Gero promises that fans will soon learn a lot more about her and the intricate tattoos covering her body.

"The mystery of who she is and why someone did this to her - we feel like we have a good answer for that," Gero said.

The showrunner also teased that fans should pay close attention to the different cases the FBI solves each week because they're not just connected to Jane's tattoos but they help reveal why Jane’s memory is gone.

"I will say all of the cases are interconnected. There’s nothing random about any of the cases they investigate. Part of the puzzle is trying to figure out who’s doing this and why,” Gero said. “And the really clearest information you have about that is the cases start to develop -- at least outwardly -- a theme. And that theme is very telling, and it’s something that our characters are struggling with."

“Blindspot” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.