With the amazing reception of the gaming community to “World of Warcraft Classic,” the game developer is now looking forward to the next set of content updates, they plan to release to the game. Blizzard recently revealed that the contents for “World of Warcraft Classic” will be released in six phases, with the second phase most likely to arrive in the later part of 2019. What else should “WoW Classic” players expect from the second phase, and what are the plans Blizzard has before releasing the second phase?

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, “World of Warcraft Classic” Director Ion Hazzikostas shared that the second phase of “World of Warcraft Classic” will be out this year. However, there are several factors that determine when precisely that release window might be. According to the game director, in order to accommodate countless “World of Warcraft Classic,” players leveling in the same realm, they have developed a layering system that will take care of the increasing population.

World of Warcraft
Activision Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" is a blockbuster, but even its success draws more from digital add-ons to the game than on old-fashioned retail sales. Reuters

Meanwhile, “World of Warcraft Classic” Community manager Randy Jordan told fans on Blizzard forums recently that 13 realms are now set to one layer. He added that they are planning to change other realms soon. Layering delivers multiple versions of the same real and prevents lags while balances the population of the server.

Blizzard also aims to eliminate those layers and combine “World of Warcraft Classic” players into a single server world before it can release the game’s second phase. One of the primary reasons for this is because the bosses scheduled to arrive in the game like Azuregos and Kazzak were developed to appear only one time at any given time. Layering would create replicates and enable “World of Warcraft Classic” players to farm world bosses.

“World of Warcraft Classic” players who would like to know about the realms that have been set to one layer can check the full list on the game developer’s forums. Meanwhile, Blizzard is still giving away free character moves. This is helpful in managing login queues and balance populations as well as to ease the players’ frustration with the crowded servers.