Alan Ritchson as Arthur, Christina Ochoa as grace
Arthur (Alan Ritchson) embarks on a vision quest in Season 1, episode 9 of “Blood Drive” after getting shot in the abdomen at the end of last episode. Syfy

Grace’s (Christina Ochoa) martial arts skill will be tested in Season 1, episode 9 of “Blood Drive.”

According to the synopsis for the Syfy episode, Grace faces off against a mystic restaurateur who appears to have a mastery of Chinese martial arts Kung Fu. In the trailer for the installment, the restaurateur manages to dodge each of Grace’s attacks, leaving the racer in a very dangerous position.

As Grace tries to defeat the restaurateur, her dying partner Arthur (Alan Ritchson) embarks on a vision quest. In the trailer, the good cop seems to be hallucinating about a restaurant that only serves severed parts of the human body. In one scene, Arthur is reunited with his police officer friend, Christopher (Thomas Dominique). But the reunion between the two appears to be part of Arthur’s hallucination as Christopher brutally tries to take the bullet out of Arthur’s abdomen using a huge pair of pliers.

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In Season 1, episode 8, Grace, Arthur and The Scholar (Darren Kent) were pulled over by the sheriff of Red River for overspeeding. The sheriff said that he would waive their ticket and allow them to pass through Red River if they help him out with his problem. Since the trio didn’t really have a choice, they accepted the sheriff’s deal.

Upon arriving in the town, the sheriff told Grace and Arthur that when The Scar opened years ago, the people who came out of it were addicted to electricity. Those people attacked the town, so the sheriff built an electromagnetic pulse that kept all electricity down. Since the electromagnetic pulse was built, the people from The Scar camped outside the town where they had their own source of power.

The sheriff asked Arthur to shut down the camp’s power, but after Arthur accomplished the mission, he quickly realized that the sheriff was the real bad guy. When the sheriff and his men were about to kill an innocent family from the camp, Arthur tried to save them but got shot in the abdomen in the process.

Will Arthur get treated before it’s too late? Or will he die having gory hallucinations on the road?

“Blood Drive” Season 1, episode 9, titled “The Chopsocky Special,” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 9, at 10 p.m. EDT on Syfy.