• A preview video of "Blue Bloods" Season 10, episode 12 has been released online
  • The plot will focus on the death of a cop
  • The widow will blame Frank for the death

The plot of “Blue Bloods” Season 10, episode 12 will be about the officers dealing with the death if one of their own. What will make this even more painful is that the widow will blame Frank (Tom Selleck).

Frank has always put the welfare of the men in blue above everything else in his life, but he will have to face some difficult time in the next episode. A preview video that has been released online shows the widow of a dead officer screaming at him while he has no words he can say to console her.

According to the widow, too many officers have died and nobody is speaking the truth. She will blame Frank personally for the death of her husband. Scenes from the preview show Frank sitting alone and contemplating the recent events and another scene shows him heading a meeting to address the issue.

Frank has been putting his best efforts to care for the men, but dealing with mental health issues will be different from helping an injured cop. It remains to be seen how he will deal with the death in “Blue Bloods” Season 10, episode 12.

A still from the next episode that has been released on the official Twitter page of the TV series shows Frank heading a meeting at the office. As the office politics and the blame game begins, one of Frank’s jobs will also be to understand who is at fault for what is happening.

The other big storyline that the fans can expect to see in the next episode will be related to Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray). The two of them had an argument previously about combining their finances, and the Twitter page of the TV series has shared a still of the argument scene.

“Blue Bloods” Season 10, episode 12 is titled “Where the Truth Lies.” It will air on Jan. 10 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

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Tom Selleck plays Frank Reagan in "Blue Bloods" Season 10. Blue Bloods/Facebook