“Blue’s Clues” is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Although the show has been off the air for 10 years, it’s made a long-lasting impression on a generation of children. The interactive program featured Steve and his dog Blue as they searched for clues with the help of viewers.

While the show finished its run with a new host, it was the original Steve that became a fixture of pop culture. With his green-striped shirt, khaki pants and handy dandy notebook, kids fell in love with Steve and helped “Blue’s Clues” become one of the biggest shows in the 1990s. Check out these 11 things you may not have known about Blue, Steve and the show:

1. Blue Was Originally A Cat

When the show was originally conceived, Blue was created as a cat and the show was to be called “Blue’s Prints.” Ultimately, Blue was changed to a dog because Nickelodeon was already producing a show about a cat.

2. Steve Burns Beat Out Over 1,000 People

More than 1,000 people auditioned for the role of the show’s human host but producers eventually settled on Steve Burns thanks to the response he got in tests with preschoolers.

3. Mr. Salt Wasn’t Always French

While Mr. Salt is known for his French accent, he originally had a Brooklyn accent.

4. Steve Burns Is Still Alive

Throughout his time on the show and even after, Burns has been the victim of death hoaxes. In 1998, one rumor said he died from drug problems. The rumor became so serious that Burns had to appear on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” to dispel it.

5. Donovan Patton Had Never Seen “Blue’s Clues”

After Burns left, Donovan Patton (Joe) was selected as the next host. When Patton auditioned for the show, he had never seen it. According to Patton, he thought the show was about blues music.

6. Co-Creator Traci Paige Johnson Was The Voice Of Blue

Since the show had no money to hire voice workers, the crew set out to find which worker could do the best dog bark. Johnson won.

7. Burns Hated The Pants

Although Burns loved his time on “Blue’s Clues,” he wasn’t a fan of the pants he had to wear.

8. The Pilot Episode Has Never Been Released

The original episode of “Blue’s Prints” was never shown on Nick Jr., but was released on VHS for test audiences.

9. Steve Burns Left The Show To Pursue Music

In the show, Steve left to go to college but in real life, Burns wanted to focus on music. After his departure, he released his first album, “Songs for Dustmites.”

10. Steve Burns Has Appeared In Other Works

Even though he’s best known as Steve from “Blue’s Clues,” Burns has appeared in other projects including “Christmas on Mars” and “The Professionals.”

11. Nickelodeon Originally Didn’t Want Burns

When Burns came for his audition, he sported long hair and an earring. Nickelodeon execs were not fond of his appearance so Johnson asked him to come dressed more conservatively next time.