• Bob Dylan sold his song catalog for around $300 million
  • He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 2016
  • Dylan earns $15 million annually from royalties

Bob Dylan’s net worth is around $350 million. His fortunes were boosted after selling his entire back catalog to Universal Music.

Dylan is a legend in the music industry. His career that spans almost six decades influenced a lot of great artists that came after him. Dylan has released several albums in the ‘60s before making it big. He has had albums entitled “The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan,” “The Times They Are a-Changin,” and “Blonde on Blonde” but it was the single "Like a Rolling Stone" that would announce his status in the music scene. Soon, he would be known as a singer and songwriter who combined politically charged lyrics with different musical elements, per Celebrity Net Worth.

The Duluth, Minnesota native is a prolific performer who still releases albums, with his latest one launched in June 2020 called “Rough and Rowdy Ways.” In total, he has close to 40 studio albums under his name and more than 600 music tracks. Just this December, he agreed to sell his entire back catalog to Universal Music for an estimated price of $300 million, a report from The Telegraph revealed.

Selling the rights to publish songs is a prerogative of musicians who have built an impressive collection over the years. Some do it for lucrative deals while some do it so that their work can still be offered to the newer generations. However, this led some to think about the motive behind Dylan’s move.

Bob Dylan -- who has sold his whole back catalog to Universal -- this year released "Rough and Rowdy Ways," his first original album since 2012
Bob Dylan -- who has sold his whole back catalog to Universal -- this year released "Rough and Rowdy Ways," his first original album since 2012 AFP / Fred TANNEAU

Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, Dylan does not really need to sell all his entire song catalog. He earns decently from royalties of covers of his past songs that bring in more money than the time he originally released them. He is making around $15 million annually from royalties alone. While it may still be a mystery what made him decide to surrender the rights to his past songs, one cannot question the business side of it. The musician is already 79 years old and he could be simply making good deals while he still can.

The Nobel prize for literature awardee also won Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award in his career. Former President Barack Obama also gave him the Presidential Merit of Freedom in 2012.

On the personal side, he was previously married to Sara Lownds, but they divorced after 12 years. The two share four children together. Dylan then married Carolyn Dennis, but their relationship also ended in a divorce in 1992.