Nick Gordon bobbi kristina brown
Nick Gordon, photographed alongside girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown at opening night of "The Houstons: On Our Own" in October 2012, is reportedly doing well in rehab. Reuters

Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is said to be doing well since checking himself into rehab on March 6. The 25-year-old reportedly decided to seek treatment for addiction, among other problems, after taking part in an intervention on “The Dr. Phil Show.”

During the interview, Gordon revealed that he had been using drugs as a coping mechanism for his “mental anguish.” He said his troubles stemmed from the 2012 death of singer Whitney Houston and the current state of his girlfriend, who is Houston's daughter.

Brown is currently in a medically induced coma at a Georgia rehabilitation facility where she is being closely monitored. The 22-year-old daughter of the late singer and Bobby Brown has been in a coma since Jan. 31, when she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her home. A source told People magazine that Gordon, who made his issues very public on Twitter, is using his time out of the limelight to focus on himself, adding that “the quiet time is good for him.”

“Nick is a special person with many temptations and needs to be in a place where he can continue to heal and grow,” a source told People. “He should stay for a long time -- as long as he will allow.”

It has been suggested that Gordon move into a halfway house after his stint in rehab rather than returning to the home and he Brown once shared. Sources say being away from the drama surrounding his girlfriend’s grave condition has helped him tremendously.

As you may recall, Gordon was reportedly ordered by the Brown and Houston families to stay away from Bobbi Kristina in the hospital. They were rumored to believe he had something to do with her current state. Police also reportedly began to suspect foul play and were said to be investigating Gordon after finding strange bruises on Bobbi Kristina’s body. The investigation continues, but no charges have been filed.

As previously reported, after Gordon’s entry into rehab, a friend of the couple came forward with more details about their alleged drug use. Stephen Stepho claimed that he helped theme find heroin and other opiates on more than one occasion. He maintained, however, that he “was not their main dealer,” despite reports claiming otherwise.

Gordon's interview with Phil McGraw supported the drug use claims. Following the episode’s taping, McGraw told Extra that Gordon was “high as a kite” during the intervention, adding that he displayed bizarre behavior throughout by jumping out of his seat, playing Houston’s songs on his phone, and running out of the room at random.

“He was so animated and so emotionally out of control, I thought he could be dead in a matter of days if something doesn’t happen,” he said.

Just over a month later, Gordon is said to be “responding well to rehab treatment” and has not relapsed. People’s source adds that rehab was exactly what Gordon needed. It has yet to be revealed when he is expected to leave rehab or what his plans are moving forward.