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  • Indiana authorities found Oaklee's body stuffed in a dresser drawer
  • Madison Marshall and Roan Waters were charged in connection with the crime
  • A probable cause affidavit narrated how Oaklee was tortured and abused

Indiana authorities confirmed that the search for Oaklee Mae Snow, the 2-year-old Oklahoma girl who's been missing since January, has come to a tragic end.

Investigators said Oaklee's body had been found stuffed in a dresser drawer in an abandoned building in Morgan County, Indiana.

"This case is one of the most challenging types of cases for a community and for our investigators," Randal Taylor, the chief of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, said, KTUL reported.

"When they learned there was a chance Oaklee Snow may have been in Indianapolis, detectives put in a tremendous amount of effort into locating her," Taylor added.

This week, Madison Marshall, the victim's mother, and her boyfriend, Roan Waters, have been arrested and charged with Oaklee's brutal death.

Marshall was charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in death, one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious injury, five additional counts of neglect of a dependent, and two counts of assisting a criminal.

On the other hand, Waters was also slapped with the same slate of charges, except for assisting a criminal. Instead, he was charged with murder.

A probable cause affidavit obtained by Law & Crime revealed how Oaklee was allegedly tortured and abused, particularly at the hands of Waters.

According to the affidavit, Marshall told investigators that Waters would regularly "whoop" the child for any perceived misbehavior, such as "holding a fork wrong, urinating in her diaper and other behaviors that were common to toddlers.

On several occasions, Waters allegedly "choked her out," the affidavit noted.

Marshall revealed that Oaklee had stopped eating when Waters was around, saying "he regularly became aggressive with her when she would not eat at the pace that he wanted her to."

Marshall also recounted an incident in February when she heard her boyfriend in the living room repeatedly shouting at Oaklee to bounce on an inflatable rubber ball with a handle attached to it.

The toddler's mother went in to check and saw Waters "standing over Oaklee as she [was] trying to bounce on the ball."

A few minutes later, Marshall heard Waters scream for her and saw Oaklee not moving while being held by Waters in his arms.

Waters repeatedly said that he "didn't do anything" and that "it wasn't [his] fault."

Marshall saw what appeared to be a mix of blood and spittle dripping from Oaklee's mouth when she tried to exhale.

Waters disapproved of Marshall's attempt to call 911. Instead, he wrapped the victim in a blanket and put her in the back of his car.

Marshall said she opened the blanket to check on her daughter and found Oaklee had stopped breathing, and her lips had turned blue.

The victim's mother told investigators that they drove to an abandoned home in another town, where Waters took Oaklee's body, entered the house through a window, and came out a short while later.

Marshall gave the location of the abandoned home to the police, where they found Oaklee's decomposed body.

The police said the victim's left leg had been "clearly broken at the knee so that the left foot rested directly over her chest."

The victim's family said in a statement that they were "heartbroken at the results for Oaklee."

The bereaved family insisted that Oaklee "did not deserve this" and vowed to seek justice for her.

"This is a nightmare that, unfortunately, we won't get to wake up from," Oaklee's family said.

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