A man was arrested for drug possession, however, his attorney claimed police planted the drugs on him. Police are pictured on April 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images

An investigation has been launched by the Los Angeles Police Department after an attorney released footage from a police bodycam, which he claimed shows an officer had planted drugs in his client's wallet. The footage went viral and has since amassed over 100,000 views as of Sunday.

The footage of the alleged incident was obtained by CBS-affiliate KCAL and posted online Thursday. It shows LAPD officers detaining the suspect, Ronald Shields, 52, following a hit-and-run in North Hollywood, California. During the arrest, officers claimed they discovered cocaine in Shield’s shirt pocket.

However, attorney Steve Levine argued the video shows one of the officers planting the substance in Shields' wallet. He said that his client was not carrying drugs and that it was a set up by the arresting officers, identified as LAPD Officer Gaxiola and Samuel Lee.

"Showing it to his partner, Officer Lee, he then motions that he's going to put the drugs in my client's wallet and does so all on video," said Levine. "In slow motion you can see there's something square in his right hand, then he cups that hand and then there's something in his right hand, he leans forward, at that point I contend he put the drugs on the ground.”

The LAPD released a statement regarding the matter and is currently investigating how officers use bodycams in the field.

"The LAPD takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and, as in all cases, will conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether the alleged actions are supported by reliable evidence," the statement read.

Shields is scheduled for a December court appearance.

"It seems improbable that someone would tape themselves planting drugs," Levine told CBS. "So it seems more reasonable that when he turned on his cam he felt he was recording at that point."