They both feel their daughter is the one who deserves to be with Liam. Now, with his wedding plans to Hope in full swing, and an invite to Steffy on the table, both Brooke and Taylor will step in to try and stop the two women from going through with their plans on the Friday, August 17 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

As a gesture of their new plans to be friends and civil adults since they would both have children with Liam (Scott Clifton) going forward, Hope (Annika Noelle) decided to take things one step further when creating a new bond for the family they would technically have with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Despite their personal history, both women decided they didn’t want to repeat the past and feud over Liam the way their mothers feuded over Ridge, and Hope asked Steffy to attend the wedding because she felt it would be a good sign that they were committed to that plan. After initially hesitating, Steffy then agreed, on the condition she could bring her mother, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) to the event.

Hope had agreed, but since returning home, she is finding opposition, as Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) warns her that inviting Liam’s other love and former wife, as well as his former mother-in-law to the wedding could jeopardize her own future with him once again.

Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) threaten to derail the wedding on the August 17, 2018 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The characters are pictured in an earlier episode. Sean Smith/ JPI Studios for CBS

“Yes, it’s your wedding,” Brooke says in a preview clip for the episode. “We can’t take any chances.”

However, Hope will remain adamant that she thinks Steffy and Taylor should be there, and will even go to Liam about the matter. However, he too will express concern, stating that he doesn’t think it’d be fair to ask Steffy to watch them exchange vows after everything they’ve been through.

“I’m trying to imagine how difficult that would be for her, having to sit and watch us exchange vows,” he says in the clip.

Meanwhile, Steffy is also facing negativity about the decision, as Taylor has forbidden her daughter from attending. Steffy will hold her ground, however, demanding her mother support her plans.

“Can you support me?” she asks in the clip. “Without causing a scene?”

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