She was by her side as she received a devastating diagnosis from a doctor in regards to all of the symptoms she’s been having recently. However, the one person Sally allowed by her side during this time could now betray her by doing the one thing she asked her not to on the Tuesday, Feb. 11 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

When Sally (Courtney Hope) finally decided to go see a doctor about the symptoms she’s been having, Katie (Heather Tom) happened to run into her at the hospital, and as a result, she has been by her side on the CBS soap as she’s gone through the journey of trying to find out what's actually wrong with her. Now, following the devastating diagnosis she received from her doctors, which indicates there is nothing she can do to improve her situation, Sally is more determined than ever not to let anyone else know what’s going on—especially Wyatt (Darin Brooks). However, while Katie won’t be sharing news about Sally’s health with him yet, she may wind up betraying Sally’s trust in a different way instead.

Bold and the Beautiful
Katie (Heather Tom) spills Sally’s (Courtney hope) secret to Bill (Don Diamont, not pictured) on the Feb. 11, 2020 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Howard Wise/JPI Studios for CBS

“Katie spills Sally’s secret to Bill,” spoilers reveal.

As she discusses what is going on with Bill (Don Diamont), it could spur him into action in an effort to potentially help her since he has sworn he’s turned over a new leaf. In the past, he has created endless issues for Sally, especially as he worked to close down Spectra Fashions and keep her out of business, and he knows he caused her pain by doing so. However, as Wyatt’s father, he may also decide that his son, who ended things with Sally so he could reunite with Flo (Katrina Bowden) again, needs to know as well.

As a result, Sally will know her confidence was betrayed, which may not help her as she tries to cope with what she’s been told. Not only is she struggling to see if she can even fight what is happening, but she can’t grasp that she may also die from it within 30 days. The last thing she will want is what she sees as pity, which could mean the new balance between her and Katie will be at risk as her secret spreads.

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