“The Bold Type” Season 4 premieres Freeform on Thursday, and they have plenty of drama. Last season ended with Jacqueline ignoring orders, the Scarlet office being cleared out, Richard deciding to move to San Francisco and Adena taking a job at Scarlet that would put her and Kat closer together. Fans can expect plenty of drama in the fourth season, and IBT has a preview of some of the juicy storylines fans can expect.

Scarlet Changes — There are massive changes ahead for the media outlet. Jacqueline published an issue without approval, and that’s the breaking point for more than just her job. Expect some very real media talk about layoffs, freelancers and worrying which other editors will follow Jacqueline out the door. Plus, there is a big change to who is working at "the dot com."

Jane Isn’t Over It — Jane (Katie Stevens) and Ryan (Dan Jeannotte) seemingly made up at the end of last season after he confessed to kissing a random woman on his book tour. Though the two declared their love for each other, Jane doesn’t exactly get over things easily. Expect it to be a major issue that they have to work through.

Jacqueline’s Work/Life Balance — Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) is seen by many as the definition of “having it all,” but cracks in that façade start to show in “The Bold Type” Season 4. She and her husband start to have some major disagreements about her dedication to work.

Kat the Activist — After losing the election, Kat (Aisha Dee) is determined to make a difference. She is determined to help anyone she can, and she’s taking some risks at work to do it.

Richard’s Moving — Sutton (Meghann Fahy) encouraged Richard (Sam Page) to go to San Francisco, but it’ll be a much bigger jump than Sutton thought. Still, her older man knows how to show he is committed to making their relationship work. He wants to take a big step forward in their romance.

Kat’s Bisexuality — Since “The Bold Type” started, Kat has been exploring her love life with women, but this season, she’ll think about dating guys again. That means there won’t be a romantic reunion with Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) right away.

“The Bold Type” Season 4 premieres Thursday on Freeform.

Bold Type Season 4
Aisha Dee and Katie Stevens star in "The Bold Type" Season 4. Freeform/Jonathan Wenk