"Bones" Season 10 will premiere on Fox on Sept. 25. Fox

“Bones” will be back Sept. 25 for Season 10, and details from the new episodes keep coming. TV Line previously reported that the new season will feature a new baby, a new house and, more importantly, Booth in prison. It seems fans can look forward to a pretty action-packed new season from the Fox drama.

The site also released an exclusive trailer for the new season that's full of spoilers about Bones and Booth’s situation in the premiere. The teaser gives fans many answers to questions they’ve had since the shocking Season 9 finale.

Here are 6 things we learned from the new Season 10 trailer:

[Click HERE to watch the "Bones" trailer.]

1. Booth is having a hard time in prison.

It was previously revealed that Booth would start Season 10 in prison after being set up in his shootout with what turned out to be FBI agents after digging too much into the McNamara case. The new trailer makes it clear that this will not be an easy time for Bones’ new husband. In the short clip we see Booth caught up in more than one fight with prisoners, and even the guards get into the action, cutting off his phone call with Bones. On a visit, Bones says the people who got him locked up are hoping he won’t survive his time -- but Booth might have other plans.

2. Cooper’s death will be key in unraveling the conspiracy.

Apparently Cooper’s death could be the point of origin for the entire conspiracy that got Booth locked up in the first place. It will likely be up to Bones to put the pieces together and find out who is behind it all to get her husband out of jail.

3. Daisy is pregnant and Sweets is the father.

TV Line previously reported that Season 10 would deliver a new baby, but the trailer reveals that the baby won’t belong to Bones and Booth. Daisy is pregnant and the father is the couple’s psychologist, Lance Sweets.

4. Booth and Bones will have a steamy post-prison reunion.

It isn’t clear when in the new season it will happen, but eventually Booth will get out of prison -- presumable with Bones’ help. A short clip in the trailer of what seems like Bones and Booth’s reunion after he gets out shows the couple getting pretty hot and heavy.

5. Booth and Bones have a new house.

TV Line also got the scoop on the news that the couple will have a new house, not a surprising development since their old house was pretty much destroyed in Season 9’s climactic shootout. However, the trailer gives fans a first look inside their new digs.

6. Booth will be seeking revenge

While we’re sure Booth will happy with his new house and his hot reunion hookup with Bones, he seems pretty sore about the whole prison thing still. The trailer shows him determined to get to the bottom of who framed him when gets out, no matter what cost. At one point he says that he’ll turn in his badge if need be after getting justice for his family.

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