Booth (David Boreanaz, left) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel, right) were on the case of a dead video game designer in episode 4 of "Bones" Season 10. FOX

“Bones” was back Thursday on Fox and Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) had another case to solve. Episode 3 saw the pair take down the murderer of a conservative talk radio host, but episode 4, “The Geek in the Guck,” centered on another media personality, a video game designer.

Episode 4 began with the discovery of a dead body that washed up on a riverbank. Brennan and her team determined that the identity of the body was famed video game designer Haynes Robertson. Brennan and Booth visited Haynes’ roommate, Noah Gummersall (Erik Stocklin) and, though he seemed harmless, they discovered he shared a checking account with the wealthy programmer and so was not without motive.

Booth’s next visit was to the video game company where Booth and Agent Aubrey (John Boyd) met the head of the company, Anne Schamberg (Alexandra Metz), who evidently did not get along with Haynes. She also had reason to get Haynes out of the picture as well, hoping to rush the release of their next blockbuster video game.

Back at the lab, the Jeffersonian Institute team watched a video Aubrey took at the video game studio and figured out the wounds on Hayne’s body match the signature-fighting move used in one of his video games. Booth and Aubrey returned to the studio where one of the motion capture actors (Chad Michael Collins) admitted to beating Haynes up, but not to killing him. He also revealed that a bracelet of Haynes’ was so important to the video game designer that he would have died over it.

The bracelet led Aubrey to the revelation that Noah’s girlfriend, Chloe (Denyse Tontz), had been sleeping with Haynes. Booth and Aubrey brought them both in for questioning, but were shocked when the two did not recognize each other. Booth deduced that Haynes had created Chloe online to control Noah, while secretly dating the real Chloe (whose real name was Alice). However, things got interesting when Noah revealed that he still been talking to the fake online Chloe after Haynes’ death.

Booth figured out that Noah’s ex-girlfriend Anne (Alexandra Metz), whom Booth and Aubrey met earlier at the game studio, killed Haynes to takeover the fake Chloe account online and break up with Noah in an effort to get him back. With Brennan using the game design program to narrow down the physical attributes of the killer and confirm Anne as the culprit, the case was over.

Throughout the episode Booth and Brennan fought about what school to choose for their daughter Christine (Sunnie Pelant). Brennan advocated for a formal private school education, while Booth suggested the local public school. The debate was made more complicated when an intern (Laura Spencer) who had grown up in an experimental educational cooperative joined Brennan’s team. When the intern turned out to be extremely helpful in the case, Brennan found herself doubting her emphasis on structure. In the end Brennan let Booth pick the school.

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