Brennan (Emily Deschanel, left), Hodgins (TJ Thyne, center) and Rodolfo Fuentes (Ignacio Serricchio, right) investigated the body of a dead talk show host in "Bones" Season 10. FOX

“Bones” was back Thursday night and, for the first time in Season 10, Booth (David and Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) did not have to deal with the conspiracy that had plagued them since the end of Season 9. It was back to regular old murder cases in the “The Purging of the Pundit.”

The episode began with two schoolgirls finding the dead body of a largely overweight man in a gutter. When Booth and Brennan got on the case the body was discovered to be a popular (and offensive) conservative talk show host, Hutch.

The Jeffersonian Institute team examined the body and found evidence of strangulation (though that was not the cause of death) and signs that suggested the victim was experiencing pleasure at the time of his murder.

Meanwhile, Booth and Agent Aubrey (John Boyd) visited the radio station, where they picked up files on angry callers who had made threats against Hutch. However, Booth took Brennan, not Aubrey, to visit a neo-Nazi suspect (Jonah Warton) found from the threat files. Booth is still having trouble trusting his colleagues at work, despite Brennan pleading with him to believe again in something bigger than himself.

After the suspect is a bust, Booth and Brennan are stuck without a lead until the Jeffersonian team determines that Hutch died while engaging in S&M play. They track down the dominatrix who serviced Hutch Selena Skarsgard (Mouzam Makkar) who swears that her treatments were therapy for Hutch’s guilt (for inciting people’s anger on the show) and that she would never have harmed him. She even suggested Hutch was thinking of quitting the show.

After Brennan found evidence that a hunter had disposed of the body it led Booth back to Hutch’s producer (Gary Basaraba) who claims to only have disposed of the body after finding him dead in an uncompromising position at the S&M room.

Finally, Brennan uses a voicemail of Hutch’s and recordings of his show to figure out that Hutch’s cohost, Alan Spaziano (William Vought), had made the call. It turns out he had murdered Hutch after trying to blackmail the host into staying on the show. When Hutch broke free (the restraints had safety releases) and attacked Alan he killed him. Brennan forced Booth to take Aubrey to interrogate Alan.

With the case solved, Brennan and Booth celebrated over a drink where they got a visit from Aubrey and a gift bottle of wine. It seems that Booth might finally be learning to trust his new partner.

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