Boy Meets World
The mystery of Shawn's sister, Stacy, has been answered. Creative Commons

“Boy Meets World” entertained its fans for seven seasons. But between the life lessons and stories of friendship, viewers began to develop some serious questions like:

What happened to the ‘original’ Morgan?


Did Mr. Turner ever get out of that full body cast?


Why happened to Shawn’s sister?

Thanks to the 2013 ATX Television Festival we were able to answer the mystery of Morgan #1, Lily Nicksay, but the other two questions still plague the “Boy Meets World” fan base. Fortunately Entertainment Weekly was able to get to the bottom of the mystery of Shawn’s sister, Stacy.

For those that don’t remember, “Boy Meets World” didn’t initially start off with Cory, Shawn and Topanga being best friends. Instead. in the first season, Cory and Shawn were friends with a third boy (who always changed).

During episode 4 of season 1, Shawn mentions that he has a sister named Stacy. In “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” Shawn calls Stacy after Cory tries to chemically straighten is curly hair.

“Hi, Stacy? It’s me,” Shawn says on the phone. “Listen -- Cory wants to know if that stuff you sent over should be burning.”

So, what happened to Stacy? Shawn’s Rider Strong explained the mysterious sister in an excerpt from “Boy Meets World: The Complete Collection.”

[Click HERE to watch the video on Entertainment Weekly.]

“If you watched the first few episodes there is always another kid,” Strong says in the video. “But then the next week it’s always a different kid. The episode where Ben [Savage] straightens is hair they fired this kid halfway through and gave my character all of his lines. So that’s why Shawn has a sister named Stacy in that episode that never reappears.”

Surprisingly Stacy Hunter isn’t the only sibling to mysteriously disappear on “Boy Meets World.” Besides Morgan, Shawn also had a half-brother named Eddie for one episode. Eddie Hunter showed up in the season 3 episode, “The Pink Flamingo Kid,” as a thief in Shawn’s trailer park community. Cory only finds out in that episode that Eddie exists after Shawn protects Cory from getting beat up by him. Fortunately for Cory, Eddie is never seen or heard from again.

Fans of “Boy Meets World” will recall that Shawn eventually did get a sibling that stuck around -- a half-brother named Jack. Played by Matthew Lawrence, Jack first appeared in the season 5 episode, “Brothers.” Although he and Shawn initially didn’t get along, they eventually grew close and moved in together, later both attending Pennbrook University.