• Breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend was asked to implicate her as part of plea deal offered months after she was killed during a police raid on her home, report says
  • Taylor's ex, Jamarcus Glover, is one of two suspects in custody over an alleged drug trafficking ring in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Criticism has already been leveled against the Kentucky AG for what appears to be a slow investigation and because no one has been charged for Taylor's shooting

A new report revealed Monday said that the ex-boyfriend of Breonna Taylor was offered a plea deal to implicate her as part of the “organized crime syndicate” being investigated for drug trafficking.

The plea deal, obtained by Louisville Fox-affiliate WDRB, was offered to Jamarcus Glover by the Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office on July 13 as part of its ongoing case against Glover for alleged drug trafficking. The county attorney said the document was only a "draft" and never submitted to the court.

As part of the plea, Glover would have needed to admit other “co-defendants” were involved with drug trafficking in-and-around Louisville, Kentucky, up through April 22. Glover would receive a 10-year prison sentence on charges of criminal syndication, drug trafficking, and gun charges, but the deal would allow him to be released on probation instead of going to prison if the sentencing judge decided.

Glover ultimately rejected the plea deal.

It is the latest wrinkle in a case that has already drawn intense scrutiny for what appears to be a slow investigation by the Kentucky Attorney General's office into Taylor’s shooting during a police raid on her apartment on March 13. One officer involved has been fired and the other two involved have been reassigned, but no arrests have been made either.

The plea deal said Glover and his partners operated out of vacant or abandoned houses, allegedly storing and selling the drugs they regularly received. Taylor’s apartment is located around 10 miles away from the nearest alleged drug den.

WDRB’s report drew near immediate backlash from attorney Sam Aguiar, who is representing Taylor’s family in their wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisville police.

“This goes to show how desperate Tom Wine is to justify the wrongful search of Breonna Taylor’s home, her killing and arrest of Kenneth Walker,” Aguiar said in an emotional Facebook post, including a picture of the plea deal with Taylor’s name under co-defendants.

“Thank god his office recused itself, as we sure as hell know what they would’ve done. And shame on that office. Breonna Taylor is not a 'co-defendant' in a criminal case. She’s dead. Way to try and attack a woman when she’s not even here to defend herself.”

Jefferson County Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine pushed back against Aguiar’s accusations, saying Taylor’s name was only in one draft of the plea and the “characterization” of the plea deal was incorrect. Wine said in his press release:

“Breonna Taylor was never a Co-Defendant in the Jamarcus Glover case. A case including Breonna Taylor as a Co-Defendant was never presented to the Grand Jury nor did our office ever consider presenting one to the Grand Jury with her name. Our office has not and does not posthumously indict any person who is deceased.”

“The plea sheet that Sam Aguiar posted on Facebook was a draft that was part of preindictment plea negotiations with Mr. Glover and his attorney. Those drafts were never part of the court record and are not court documents. We were aware of the information in the warrants as well as the jail phone calls where Mr. Glover implicated Ms. Taylor in his criminal activity. When I was advised of the discussions, out of respect for Ms. Taylor, I directed that Ms. Breonna Taylor’s name be removed. The final plea sheet provided to Mr. Glover’s counsel is attached and clearly does not include Ms. Taylor as a Co-Defendant. This plea sheet was emailed on July 21, 2020 to Mr. Glover’s attorney. The offer was withdrawn when Mr. Glover failed to surrender himself to court.”

“Mr. Aguiar’s characterization of the draft plea sheet is false as Ms. Taylor was never a Co-Defendant with Mr. Glover. Further, his comments regarding our office distributing “one-sided” information is also a false accusation.”