britney spears
Britney Spears did this. Reuters

"X Factor" producers' worst fears have come to fruition after rumors that judge and pop princess Britney Spears was causing drama just hours before the first live show.

The final 16 contestants were set go live on Thursday, but the premiere date was pushed back to Wednesday, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported.

The last-minute change has made the performers and their mentors frantic, but according to sources Spears seems to be having the most problems with the sudden changes, and her group of contestsants to be suffering from her erratic behavior.

An "insider"told Perez Hilton:

“Britney's been constantly changing the performances for some of her acts on rehearsal days. She thought that one of the girls in particular was holding back too much and she wants them all to really enjoy themselves on stage and to surprise people.”

It seems like to superstar is suffering from caring too much, and her group has to deal with the perfectionist's tweaks before the live show as a result.

The source continued to explain to the celebrity blogger:

“Britney has been really focused on the big performance ideas in particular and on some she wanted to create some of the creative things she’d done in her own stage performances.”

Spears' group, the teens, is probably lucky to have her as mentor. She's one of the most successful performing artists, and it wouldn't be surprising if group flourishes so long as they are able to deal with her changes.

She constantly questioned whether the youngsters she picked for her group would be able to deal with the pressure, because she definitely is not going to go easy on the final 16.

The teen group consists of: Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White, Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller.

Tune into "The X Factor" on Fox, Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET to see what elements Spears has added to their performances to help one of them win the $5 million prize.