While Britney Spears has certainly gotten in great shape over the past few months, it seems she is still not perfect enough to escape Photoshop. The latest video from the pop princess, “Work B*tch,” is said to have been retouched, with images being reformatted to make Spears look slimmer and airbrushed to perfection.

HOAX Films recently released unaltered images of the 31-year-old pop star in still shots taken from the music video. The before images show Spears with a thicker waist, arms and thighs. When placed next to the digitally enhanced image, reportedly the image used in the final cut, the singer is noticeably different. The Daily Mail reports that HOAX was supposed to “clean up” the photos.

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Regardless of whether Spears was digitally slimmed down for the video, it is evident that she has been taking her fitness goals quite seriously of late. She has been getting into fighting form for her latest gig in Las Vegas, where she is set to make $15 million a year while performing at Planet Hollywood. The singer will perform 48 shows each year for two years.

Spears has been showing off a slim and trim bikini body ahead of her shows, and her trainer, Tony Martinez, revealed in July how she lost the weight. The 31-year-old mother of two boys first showed off her new figure on May’s cover of Shape magazine and flaunted flat, toned abs.

Martinez, who has also trained celebrities such as Pink and Janet Jackson, told E! at the time, “She is a tremendous athlete. She likes to be very strong and aggressive in her workouts. I kept telling her to stop making it look too easy. It was like a competition with us! He has instructed her to eat small meals five times a day, with her favorite meal being chicken salad with balsamic dressing.”

The “Work B-tch” singer follows the Nutrisystem weight loss program, where meals consist of a shake for breakfast and lunch, plus a dinner of protein and vegetables. She also does yoga and cardio to stay fit.

“I’m doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to a lot of cardio -- hourlong sessions three times a week with my trainer,” Spears said. “The performances won’t be simple -- they’ll be a massive party from start to finish, and, to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed." TMZ reports that Spears will earn $310,000 per show and the producers are aiming for a “cool, hip, club-like show,” which should not be a stretch for the pop star. The Vegas shows begin in December.