Justice is ... not served.

YouTube star Brooke Houts won't have to face any consequences for abusing her pet Doberman. According to TMZ, "LAPD's Animal Cruelty Task Force is wrapping up its animal abuse investigation and has determined the evidence doesn't support criminal charges."

The entertainment news site also reported that although the case against Houts is coming to a close, "LAPD can reopen it if new evidence is presented."

Houts, who boasts over 300K followers on YouTube, was under investigation by the LAPD after she accidentally uploaded a video of herself mistreating her dog. The video, which has since been deleted, shows the 20-year-old shoving, spitting at and beating her pooch named Sphinx. Houts issued an apology following the incident, however, that didn't stop her from losing followers.

Although the YouTuber claimed not to be a dog abuser or animal abuser "in any way shape or form," her ex, Dolan Henrikson, didn't seem surprised by her actions.

Henrikson appeared on YouTube gossip host Keemstar's show "Drama Alert" and recalled a time when Houts allegedly tossed his miniature Schnauzer to the ground "as if it were a cat" and said that the abuse claims against her "make so much sense."

“She is not a fan of animals, or she doesn’t like to treat animals with the same respect as if you would treat a human being,” he shared.

Labrador retriever Pixabay