Bruce Springsteen
U.S. singer Bruce Springsteen and the Street Band perform at the Rock in Rio Music Festival in Rio de Janeiro Sept. 21, 2013. Reuters/Ricardo Moraes

Bruce Springsteen’s eighteenth studio album “High Hopes” went online on the forty-first anniversary of the Boss’s recording career, and nine days before its actual release, which is due on Jan. 14.

After the album was leaked on Amazon over the weekend, the 64-year-old rock star made it available for all to listen to the title track of the album. However, only people living in the U.S. can listen to the complete album, due to a contractual agreement with Springsteen’s label, Columbia Records, while fans around the globe will have to be content with the title track until the album's release.

“High Hopes” was made available for streaming by television network CBS on its website after the conclusion of the week's final episode of “The Good Wife.” According to CBS, three songs from the album will also be featured during the Jan. 12 episode of the legal drama.

“By the time that track draws to its haunting conclusion, you’ll likely find that despite the rocky start, the album’s familiar themes of hope, redemption and love’s ability to trump adversity have worked their magic the way they do on any good Springsteen release,” wrote Pete Chianca, a Boston-area columnist at “Blogness on the Edge of Town,” a site dedicated to Springsteen.

According to reports, nine tracks on “High Heels” feature Tom Morello, an American guitarist who replaced Steve Van Zandt, a member of Springsteen’s "E Street Band," on Springsteen’s tour of Australia last year, while two songs include Clarence Clemons, the "E Street Band" saxophonist who died in 2011.

“Down in the Hole” features backing vocals by Springsteen’s children while "The Wall” is inspired by Springsteen’s visit to the Vietnam War memorial in Washington. The latest album features a mix of Springsteen's new and old songs, as well as a handful of covers and re-recordings from over the years.

“More advance album streams to be announced soon. The countdown to #HighHopes is on!” read a tweet by Springsteen.