Bryan Adams tested positive for COVID-19 during his visit to Milan on Thursday. This is the second time the Canadian guitarist has tested positive for the virus in a month. 

Adams shared a series of photos from his visit to the Italian city. In the first photo, the 62-year-old singer could be seen sitting alone at Milan's Malpensa Airport office with his hand luggage, a water bottle and a document on the table.

Another photo showed the singer boarding an ambulance. He also shared a selfie from inside the ambulance.

"Here I am, just arrived in Milano, and I've tested positive for the second time in a month for Covid," he said. "So it's off to the hospital for me. Thanks for all your support __ #sohappyithurts."

Adams flew to Milan to promote his upcoming 2022 Pirelli calendar, which features his photographs. The musician was supposed to attend a press event this Sunday and Monday to promote his upcoming calendar.

The theme of the photos featured in the calendar was "on the road." This is not the first time the musician has clicked photos for the calendar. Adams was supposed to shoot the 2021 edition but it was called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Adams tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 30 but he didn't show any symptoms at the time. 

"Happy Halloween and thanks for all the well wishes," he wrote while giving a health update to his fans. "Please don't worry, yes I had the Covid and thankfully had no symptoms. Bunny my daughter had it too, with bit of a sore throat for night. But we're good, and it has to be said: #sohappyithurts."

Adams dropped his new music album, "So Happy It Hurts," on Oct. 11. He also appeared in a short video, titled "Stop Crying Your Heart Out," which was released on Nov. 13 last year.

Adams dropped his 14th studio album, "Shine A Light," on March 1, 2019, under Bryan Adams 2020 P&D label. The music album consists of 12 music tracks, including "The Last Night On Earth" and "Talk To Me."

Bryan Adams Pictured: Bryan Adams visits SiriusXM Studios on May 1, 2019 in New York City. Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images