Fans of the K-pop group BTS may have a more difficult time scoring concert tickets in the future due to a new system being implemented by BigHit Entertainment. Even though BTS is currently enjoying a hiatus, their upcoming tour dates are already being discussed by the management company.

According to Seventeen, fans may now have to enter into a lottery system in order to obtain certain tickets for future events. As of right now, it appears that anyone who is looking to get tickets to specific areas of a venue will have to be a member of the BTS official fan club, which costs $30, instead of just going through a site like Ticketmaster. The change is being made in order to "improve fans' experiences," says BigHit's co-CEO Yoon Seok Jun.

The new system, which has previously been used for the group's recent events in Korea, is rumored to only affect early access and floor seats. Those who instead aim for general seating will reportedly still be able to purchase those tickets without a membership moving forward.

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However, some admirers of the group don't see it as such a positive, even though the new system was also supposedly put in place in order to curb potential scalpers. One BTS devotee said she believed getting floor seats for the next tour would be "next to impossible," per Seventeen.

It remains to be seen how this will truly affect concertgoers in the future once the boys come back from their break, but until then, there are still various ways to keep up with them until they take the stage once again.