BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook trended on Twitter once again as he sent fans into a meltdown after showcasing his new mullet in an ad for a home appliances company.

In the 25-second teaser clip uploaded Monday on Twitter, the septet could be seen all dressed in sleek white suits with the 24-year-old “Permission To Dance” singer lounging on a couch with his nearly shoulder-length hairdo. The other members, Jin, J-Hope and Jimin later joins Jungkook on the couch as band leader RM, Suga and V stand behind it. The short video concludes with the words, “coming soon.”

The teaser clip quickly trended on Twitter as any other BTS-led social media posts. But this time, Jungkook was the center of attention as fans, known as ARMY, gushed over his 80s-inspired hairstyle. Some fans revealed he had rocked the same hair trend before which proves he looks good in any hairstyle.

The topics “The Mullet,” “Jungkooks,” and “Mullet JK” quickly trended worldwide after the Twitter ad was released.

A fan tweeted a photo of the “Dynamite” singer beside a photo of Kermit the frog hooked on a mechanical ventilator and wrote, “JUNGKOOK IN A MULLET!!?????”

Another fan tweeted a closeup of Jungkook in the ad and wrote, “ MULLET JK ?? I WASNT PREPARED FOR THIS?”

"The gates of heaven opened up… and there he was… mullet Jungkook,” another ARMY quipped.

“new era and jungkook comes in with a LONG mullet...i love it here ” one ARMY pointed out.

Jungkook’s hairstyle switch comes a month before the release of their new album, "PROOF" on June 10. The anthology album contains the group’s Grammy-nominated songs “Dynamite” and “Butter” and an unreleased song, "Born Singer." The album’s lead single is "Yet To Come" and its teaser will be released on June 8. The official video of the track will be unveiled on June 10.

The release of “Yet To Come” is intended as part of the band’s celebration for its upcoming ninth anniversary in June.

Earlier on May 6, the group took the Myers-Briggs personality test with five of the members – V, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook and Jin testing as Introverts and Jimin and RM as extroverts.

South Korean boy band BTS set social media alight with their Grammys performance
South Korean boy band BTS set social media alight with their Grammys performance AFP / VALERIE MACON