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  • BTS member Jungkook will be featured in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 soundtrack
  • He will perform at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony on Nov. 20 in Qatar
  • The Kpop singer might perform the new single featured in the soundtrack

BTS member Jungkook is making his first solo performance debut at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony this month, and he might perform a new single.

BTS' official Twitter page announced that the 25-year-old main vocalist would be part of the line-up of artists featured in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 soundtrack and perform in the highly anticipated opening event on Nov. 20 at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar.

"Proud to announce that Jung Kook is part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Soundtrack & will perform at the World Cup opening ceremony. Stay tuned!" the world's biggest boyband tweeted last Friday.

The post immediately sparked excited reactions from fans and has accumulated over 600 thousand likes, 231 thousand retweets, and 55.8 thousand quote retweets as of press time.

Although the announcement did not reveal Jungkook's official performance setlist, it might be possible that the singer would perform the newest single featured in the 2022 soundtrack.

In September, BTS released a new version of their hit single "Yet To Come," a collaboration with Hyundai named "Goal of The Century x BTS," which featured a music video with people from all over the world watching soccer, before Jungkook's performance announcement, according to The Rolling Stone.

Jungkook has yet to release his first-ever solo album, and no announcements from their entertainment label HYBE have confirmed his solo activities. However, the youngest member of the group started releasing solo singles during the span of BTS' career before their hiatus announcement in June.

During the world's biggest boyband's ninth anniversary last July, Jungkook released the solo single "My You," as a tribute to their supportive fans, Billboard reported. The track was released following the group's anthology project titled "Proof."

Jungkook also collaborated with fellow member Suga in producing "Stay Alive," a track released earlier this year as part of BTS' 7 Fates: Chako webtoon, and with Charlie Puth on the chart-topping single, "Left and Right."

In 2020, the singer released his first single, "Still With You," during BTS' annual Festa party.

All seven BTS members including Jungkook, Suga, RM, Jin, Jimin, V, and J-Hope have ventured into different individual and group activities since their hiatus, and before announcing that they would be enlisting in South Korea's mandatory military service soon.

Recently, the boyband performed a successful free "Yet To Come" concert in Busan, in support of South Korea's bid to host the 2030 World Expo.

The group also has an upcoming song collaboration with Pharrell Williams, which would appear on his next project, "Phriends," releasing on Nov. 25, the singer and BTS member RM revealed in an interview with The Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, members, J-Hope and Jin released their solo albums, "Jack in The Box" and "The Astronaut," respectively. BTS leader RM is gearing up for the debut of his solo album, "Indigo," which is arriving on music streaming platforms by Dec. 2.

Pictures of singer Jungkook from K-pop band BTS were used to promote a campaign to relax laws on tattoos
Pictures of singer Jungkook from K-pop band BTS were used to promote a campaign to relax laws on tattoos GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Rich Fury