• BTS showcased dance moves to raise awareness about carbon neutrality
  • The challenge was part of the group's duties as global ambassadors of Hyundai 
  • The social media challenges are part of the “Expecting Generation One” campaign

Boy band BTS has invited the younger generation to participate in two social media challenges aimed at raising awareness about carbon neutrality.

The popular septet formulated easy-to-follow dance movements to demonstrate the idea of carbon neutrality to the participants of the twin social media challenges -- "#Move4Gen1" and the "#Pass2Gen1." These challenges were part of their global ambassador duties for Hyundai Motor Company for its “Expecting Generation One” campaign.

In the "#Move4Gen1" challenge, BTS included in the choreography a "+" (plus sign) movement representing already generated carbon emissions and a "-" (minus sign) representing reduced carbon emissions that lead to "O" (zero) representing net zero carbon emissions to achieve neutrality.

The dance steps, demonstrated by BTS in a video, was shared by Hyundai for the "#Move4Gen1" challenge.

“Join our '#Move4Gen1' challenge and follow the moves ‘Plus, Minus, and Zero’ representing the concept of carbon neutrality,” Jungkook said in the 29-second video. Jungkook’s spiel is followed by the “Plus, Minus, Zero” dance steps featuring Jimin, Suga and Jin to the tune of their 2020 hit, “Ioniq.”

“Millennials and Gen Z will play a major role in establishing a carbon neutral society so that future generations can thrive. So, we’ve enlisted BTS and social media influencers to create synergy around this important cause," Thomas Schemera, Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division of Hyundai Motor Company said in an official statement.

Meanwhile, in the "#Pass2Gen1" challenge, participants are encouraged to think of what they want to pass on as legacy to “Generation One,” the first generation to live in a carbon neutral era, as per Hyundai.

To start the relay, BTS combined dance moves that symbolize “clean water,” “blue sky” and “starlight” to signify their intended legacies to "Generation one." 

Achieving carbon neutrality means your carbon dioxide output has a “net neutral impact on the environment,” and can help stem the effects of  climate change as per Cnet. Everything from using electricity to driving produces carbon dioxide. To become carbon neutral, we would have to offset the amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere.

Social media users can participate in the twin challenges by incorporating BTS' dance moves in creating their unique content and posting the clips either on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. The entries should strike awareness regarding carbon neutrality and encourage their peers to promote behaviors that care for the environment.

Hyundai Motors invited fans to tune in to their social media pages to find out more about the challenge.

“Got moves like Jin, SUGA and Jimin from @bts_bighit? Take part in our #Move4Gen1 challenge on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to celebrate Generation One, the first generation to live carbon neutral! #Hyundai #HyundaixBTS #BTS #ExpectingGen1 #Move4Gen1,” a tweet from Hyundai Worldwide on Wednesday said.

Members of the South Korean boy band BTS arrive at the United Nations headquarters to deliver remarks on development Members of the South Korean boy band BTS arrive at the United Nations headquarters to deliver remarks on development Photo: POOL / John Minchillo