Gentlemen, picture this: You’re sitting alone in a bar, thumbing around on your smartphone, when a beautiful woman introduces herself and offers you a beer. "If I give you this, are you up for whatever happens next?" she asks.

What do you do? That’s the premise of this year’s Bud Light Super Bowl ad. Called “Ian Up For Whatever,” the hidden camera-style commercial sends an average guy on a series of hilarious celebrity-studded encounters on what we’re presuming was the best night of his life.

“Three seconds ago, we gave Ian Rapaport a Bud Light, and a choice,” a voice narrates at the beginning of the commercial. “Ian is not an actor. He has no idea what’s going to happen next.”

Ian leaves with the young woman, Kelly, and is thrown into a red stretch Hummer limo currently home to a group of women hosting a bachelorette party. And guess who’s spinning in the limo’s DJ booth? Comedian and musician Reggie Watts. Surprise!

We won’t give the whole commercial away (you can watch the Super Bowl ad in its entirety below), but Ian’s night continues and involves an encounter with actor Don Cheadle and a llama inside an elevator, a styling session with actress Minka Kelly, a ping pong match against the Governator and a live concert by One Republic.

The entire Bud Light Super Bowl commercial was released Friday, and runs about 3 minutes and 44 seconds in length. According to Elite Daily, the ad will be edited down to about 90 seconds and divided into two commercials when it airs during Sunday’s game.

“Bud Light. The perfect beef for when you somehow find yourself in a limo with Reggie Watts and some bachelorettes, then get styled by Minka Kelly, before Don Cheadle, a llama named Lilly and the identical twin of the girl you just met take you to a party, where you defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a sudden-death ping pong match, that puts you onstage with One Republic.”