Mother's Day card
If you want to skip giving mom a physical card this Mother's Day, consider sending her a free e-card. Flickr/Creative Commons

Every gesture from a child to their mother is thoughtful on Mother’s Day. Even something as simple as sending an e-card could brighten her day. Since she raised you, sending a free e-card is really the least you can do. (Bonus: it’s also the cheapest way to give your mother a token of affection.) Luckily, plenty of websites have free e-cards waiting to be sent to your mom on May 10.

Here are the top eight best free e-card sites for Mother's Day 2015:


This free e-card website has hundreds of greetings to choose from. Whether you want to give mom something sweet and animated or something elegant and serious, 123Greetings has tons of options.


Is your relationship with your mother playful and sarcastic? If so, these sassy e-cards might be perfect for your mom. With phrases like “I love how we don’t even need to say out loud that I’m your favorite child” and “I hope your Mother’s Day is more pleasant than labor was,” there is definitely something there that will make your mother giggle.


This e-card site allows users to put their own text into a video. They have a variety of video options from funny clips of stylish moms to beautiful nature videos, so there is something available for everyone’s tastes. Rattlesnake makes the videos easy to personalize and users don’t even have to share their own email address to make and send a greeting.

American Greetings

The company is over 110 years old, but they’re still keeping up with the trends. Their e-cards include a variety of designs from pretty outdoor settings to cartoon animals. Some of their selections also have sound. Users can easily send a song or poem to their mother. However, be aware that their e-cards are only free for a seven-day trial period.


If your mother is Christian, she might appreciate an e-card from DaySpring, which includes prayers and blessing with many different designs. However, there are also plenty of other pretty e-cards on this website that don’t reference religion as well.


You’ve probably seen some of your friends as dancing elves, thanks to JibJab, but they have plenty of options year-round for animated cards. Users can upload a photo onto the site and JibJab will put the image on the head of a dancing animation. You can put your mother into a roller disco scene or send her a video about some famous mothers.


This website has a variety of beautiful e-cards, and some of them are free. Their “I love you a whole latte” card would be great for a coffee-loving mom. Be sure that the one you pick for Mother’s Day has “free” next to the title.


Maybe you can’t take your mother to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on Mother’s Day, but you can send her something from there. MoMa has Mother’s Day e-cards available for free featuring some famous works from artists like Andy Warhol and Odilon Redon. It’ll be sure to make any art-loving mother very happy.