• "Bully 2" is one of the most requested unannounced titles of Rockstar Games
  • The game was canceled, according to some rumors
  • "Bully" was released in October 2006

Fans are hopeful once again that the much-awaited sequel to the successful action-adventure title "Bully" could be in the works. Speculations about "Bully 2" started to make rounds online following recent actions of Rockstar Games.

Fans thought that Rockstar Games updating the trademark of "Bully" three times in just 24 hours a few days ago indicates that the developer is doing it in preparation for the game's rumored announcement. The other factor that revived "Bully 2" rumors is the gaming studio's job listings, which sought game testers. While these things are probably unrelated, it may have something to do with the sequel of the hit action-adventure title released a decade ago for hopeful fans.

Filing a trademark and updating it, most of the time, does not mean that a game is nearing its announcement. Companies and owners of trademarks, however, are required to update to prove they are using it and show how they would continue doing so in the future. Not updating filed trademarks could mean losing it, eventually. There are a lot of explanations why companies update their trademark and most of these reasons do not involve a sequel in development.

Rockstar Games Logo
The Rockstar Games logo with the "Red Dead Redemption" red background. Rockstar Games

Fans were also hyped about the possibility of "Bully 2" when Rockstar Games posted several job listings for game testers in various locations, namely India, Edinburgh and Lincoln. The job listing in India seeks candidates with an understanding and knowledge of past games developed by Rockstar. Some fans believe that this has something to do with "Bully 2," although nowhere in the post mentions the game.

Game testers are usually hired when gaming studios are in the final stage of developing games and nearing official launch. But, Rockstar Games has been silent about "Bully 2" and in the absence of an official confirmation, fans should take these claims about the game with a pinch of salt.

"Bully 2" is rumored to be in development. But some insiders believe that the gaming studio is currently focusing on developing "GTA 6." Again, Rockstar Games has not said anything about the sequel and claims about the game, at this stage, are speculative.