• "GTA 6" is one of the most talked-about unannounced games
  • Rumors and leaks about the game have been swirling online for years
  • Rockstar Games remains silent about anything related to"GTA 6"
  • A newly updated domain is currently being leaked to the game

The setting of "GTA 6" might have been accidentally leaked by Take-Two Interactive's recent move. Some fans of the game were intrigued when Netflix jumped on the hype train and teased the game's release.

A few days ago, an eagle-eyed "Grand Theft Auto" fan shared on Twitter some discoveries after visiting domains under Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games' parent company.

The user claimed that on April 12, the company had updated a domain which, when clicked, redirects to a random page of Rockstar Games' official website.

The name of the recently updated domain,, is quite intriguing, especially for "GTA 6" fans. The Twitter user made some digging about the domain name and discovered its links to Miami, a place that has earned a negative reputation as the world's drug capital.

The latest "GTA 6" leak seemingly underlines that the unannounced game could return to Vice City. The term "cartel" could also imply that it would be set in the 1980s or "at least around this time," Comicbook speculates.

These assumptions seem to hold a lot of weight for anyone who thinks that the recently updated domain has something to do with the heavily rumored title. However, it's worth noting that a domain could be used for an array of things. In fact, it may have more to do with "San Andreas" or "Vice City" than "GTA 6."

Meanwhile, streaming giant Netflix recently teased that the game would be "coming soon." The post was made by the official Twitter account of Netflix France, which fascinated and confused a lot of fans.

Some fans tried asking the streaming giant about the tweet. Twitter user Hakim Aznakd asked how long the wait would be and in response, Netflix said, "between today and the end of the world, let's see." It clearly sounded that it was just trolling fans. The streaming giant was further asked what it meant, to which it replied, "That we risk waiting for the game for a while yet," alongside a laughing emoji.

"GTA 6" is one of the heavily rumored titles in the industry. To this day, Rockstar Games has neither confirmed nor denied that the game is in development.

Several songs have been removed from “Grand Theft Auto IV” due to expired licenses. Reuters/Lucas Jackson