Bungie’s dev team offered some new insight into the changing content and rewards model “Destiny 2” will be implementing after the launch of “Shadowkeep.”

The news came from a Thursday post on Bungie’s official website, outlining the changes to seasons, season support, and the content available to earn within each season. As it had been previously announced, seasons in year three of “Destiny 2” will be a la carte and cost $10 per season. However, it will also see a drastic shift in the structural layout of seasons going forward.

Year three will consist of four seasons, kicking off with the Vex-focused “Season of the Undying” on Oct. 5. The seasons will also supply two trackers that indicate a player’s progress and power over the course of that season – seasonal artifacts and seasonal ranks.

Seasonal artifacts ties in with the changes to leveling and power within the game itself. Players will unlock seasonal mods through the artifact that will provide unique buffs that may be themed to that season and be more experimental than standard mods. It will also have an open level cap, which means players can keep increasing the power the artifact adds to the player. And once the season ends and new one begins, players will received the new artifact for that season and lose the previous one.

Seasonal ranks will then serve as a more direct way for players to grind for rewards in “Destiny 2,” rather than relying on RNG. Players will be able to track their seasonal ranks on a new tab in the games director and will have two reward tracks. The top track will be the free track for all players, while the bottom track will be the premium track for players who have purchased that season. Many of the same rewards, such as exotic weapons, will be available on both, but the premium track will provide a faster track to get those rewards. It was also clarified that while seasonal gear will be earnable in the tracks, the best versions of that gear will be dropped in the seasonal activity.

Bungie did also say that it will offer a paid catchup near the end of seasons for any players that didn’t the time to reach the rank for a certain reward. The current plan is to offer the paid catchup during the last two to four weeks of the season.

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