Hallmark Channel will be closing out its first new slate of movies in 2022 with the final film in the “New Year, New Movies” lineup, “Butlers In Love,” starring Stacey Farber and Corey Cott.

The film will be an extra-special treat for Hallmark fans as it is going to be introducing them to two new faces on the network, as neither has previously starred in a film for it. Cott’s resume includes recent roles as Eric Monreaux on “Filthy Rich” and Tom C. Duncan on “The Good Fight,” but fans likely have not seen him elsewhere.

As for Farber, some may recognize her from her days as Ellie Nash on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” though she is also potentially recognizable from more recent roles including Dr. Sydney Katz on “Saving Hope,” Pam MacLean on “Diggstown,” Tara on “Virgin River” and Leslie Larr on “Superman and Lois.”

So what can fans expect in this debut for both stars? Let’s find out.

“Since finding out about the International Butler Academy, it has been Emma’s (Farber) big dream in life to attend and make a home for herself among the elite rank of graduates,” a synopsis reads. “Emma finds herself in a world where teamwork is everything, even though she likes to work alone. Henry (Cott) is her fiercest competition, and she thinks he cops an attitude because he comes from a family of royal butlers.”

However, what she doesn’t know is that Henry actually has higher aspirations, and is frustrated that he isn’t getting the support he needs from the people who should be giving him the most. As they both struggle with their issues, they form a team to help one another.

“Through Henry, Emma starts learning the power of working with a team instead of trying to do everything herself,” the synopsis continues. “Conversely, Emma encourages Henry to find a more constructive way of winning over his family as opposed to being distant and caring so little about the profession she loves.”

Naturally, something else begins to blossom, and soon, Emma begins questioning everything she has wanted.

“Their connection makes all the difference in the world as Emma starts reevaluating her ambitions in life,” the synopsis concludes.

“Butlers in Love” premieres Saturday, Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. EST on Hallmark Channel.

Butlers in Love
Stacey Farber and Corey Cott star in “Butlers In Love.” Crown Media LLC/Allister Foster