Hallmark Channel is continuing its slate of new 2022 films with its newest entry in the “New Year, New Movies” lineup, “Don’t Forget I Love You,” starring Emilie Ullerup and Clayton James.

Fans will certainly recognize both stars, who have each been staples for Hallmark films in the past. Ullerup, who has starred as Bree O’Brien on “Chesapeake Shores,” is likely also familiar to fans for her roles in the Hallmark Channel films “Nature of Love,” “Winter Castle” and “With Love, Christmas.” They may also recognize her from the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries films “Christmas Bells are Ringing” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again.”

As for James, fans likely recognize him most from his role as Kevin Townsend on “When Calls the Heart.” He also starred in the films “Right in Front of Me,” “The Last Bridesmaid” and “The Sweetest Heart.” He also starred in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film “Christmas on My Mind.”

So what can fans expect from this film? Let’s find out.

“It’s Taylor’s (Ullerup) 30th birthday and so far, it’s like any other day—which is just how she likes it—starting with an anti-anxiety exercise as she heads into work as the sole proprietor of Space to Live, a store that offers everything for organizational needs,” a synopsis reads. "The only thing different seems to be Josh (James), the cute single dad and new neighbor, who has moved in across the street and seems to be an unorganized mess.”

Things soon take an unexpected turn in Taylor’s life though as her birthday leads her to new adventure compliments of her late mother.

“When Taylor is gifted with a map, her uneventful birthday turns into a life-altering event when the map leads her to a buried time capsule,” the synopsis continues. “With the help of her dad (Richard Jones), Taylor opens the time capsule and discovers her late mother has left her six numbered envelopes with instructions to open them consecutively over the course of six weeks. Each contains a challenge for Taylor to complete that were designed by her mother to face her anxieties her mother knew that would hold her back.”

As Taylor works on the challenges, she gets some help from Josh, who has anxieties of his own to conquer—and both soon find themselves conquering the most unexpected challenge of all.

“Helping push Taylor to conquer her anxieties, Josh also harbors fears of his own—that he isn’t enough for his daughter—but what he didn’t bargain for are his feelings for Taylor, as he’s pulled into the excitement of the challenges,” the synopsis continues. “With each challenge she completes, Taylor expands her horizons and is given the nudge she needs in life to help her open her mind to the possibility of love.”

“Don’t Forget I Love You” premieres Saturday, Jan. 22 at 8 p.m. EST on Hallmark Channel.

Don't Forget I Love You
Emilie Ullerup and Clayton James star in “Don’t Forget I Love You.” Crown Media LLC/Courtesy Johnson Production Group/Luba Popovic