This week, Xbox fans who have yet to get an Xbox One can take advantage of a new offer being rolled out by Microsoft. Until June 27, participating retail stores are offering a free game with purchase of an Xbox One console.

Announced via Major Nelson’s blog, the offer is valid for Xbox One 500GB models as well as the Xbox One 1TB version. There are some limitations to the kind of game that can be included in the offer. The game must be new and disc-based, with maximum retail value only up to $59.99. No preorder titles are allowed.

The games can include some of the best-selling titles like “Batman: Arkham Knight,” which received positive reviews as a series finale, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.” The offer is available only in the U.S. Amazon and Best Buy are offering the deal.

Despite all the new features that came with recent system updates for the Xbox One, the permanent price cuts and the new upcoming titles, it still has not yet fully tapped into one of its target countries: Japan. According to Eurogamer, the lowest sales so far occurred between June 8 and 14, where only 100 Xbox One consoles were sold.

Granted, even home consoles are not doing well in Japan, but the figures are far from what was sold for the Xbox One. For the PS4 alone, the same time frame yielded 10,822 sold units and even the PS3 sold 2,633 units, a lot more than what the Xbox One had.

This continues the streak of low sales for the Xbox One, which had been a trend since it was first released in the country. Microsoft has not announced any contingency plans to increase sales in Japan.

The Xbox One has received some great features announced during the E3 2015. They include backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games, a highly requested feature and one that will not be coming to the PS4 anytime soon. In addition, Cortana is also coming to the Xbox One with the goal of aligning the new Windows 10 with the gaming console. However, it was revealed that Cortana will require Kinect to function with the Xbox One, reports NDTV Gadgets.

Xbox One Experience at E3 2015 (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)