Caitlyn Jenner admits that she won’t know about her daughters Kendall and Kylie’s whereabouts without social media.

In an episode of “I’m A Celebrity,” Caitlyn for the first time opened up about her famous daughters. She revealed that the makeup mogul spends between $300 to $400,000 a month for her security in a bid to feel safe, Daily Mail reported.

She also added that without social media she will not know what her famous daughters are doing. Kendall and Kylie are very active on social media. In fact, both are among the most followed personalities on Instagram.

During a conversation with Roman, the former Olympian suddenly asks “what if the Queen watches?” referring to their show. Roman also asks her what if Kendall will tell her that she was going to marry Meghan Markle’s husband Prince Harry.

According to Caitlyn, her model daughter will surely find it tough. She added that if that will happen, Kendall has to give up everything.

“She would have to give up everything to do that,” Caitlyn said. “They don’t even allow them to get on social media, well they do now but they didn’t and my kids wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have social media.”

Caitlyn has a point about giving up everything in particular, social media presence, when one marries a member of the royal family. Prince Harry’s wife was a former actress and used to be active on social media platforms, too. Markle maintained her own blog The Tig and was also present on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, she deleted her accounts months before she walked down the aisle to marry Prince William’s younger brother.

According to Kensington Palace, Markle deleted her social media accounts because “she has not used these accounts for some time.”  However, she was grateful to those who followed them over the years.

In related news, Kendall and Kylie shockingly faced an awkward moment when they watched the Los Angeles Rams game against Baltimore Ravens. The reality stars received jeers and boos when their faces were splashed onto the jumbotron at the LA Memorial Coliseum.