Caitlyn Jenner and partner Sophia Hutchins have finally reunited after spending some time apart due to the latter’s preparations for her company’s imminent launch.

In her latest Instagram update, Hutchins flaunts her sexy body and sun-kissed skin as she lounges in the backyard of Jenner’s $3.5 million Malibu mansion. The 23-year-old beauty influencer is seen donning a sexy two-piece bikini while relaxing in front of the beautiful hilltop view.

Two days prior, Sophia was in New York City putting on a leggy display by wearing a stylish corporate attire composed of a long-sleeve blouse with plunging neckline, a necktie, and a white mini skirt with gold accents.

Jenner’s rumored girlfriend was busy finalizing some of the things needed for her “health + technology” business venture called LumaSol that day. She was photographed carrying a black handbag and wearing huge sunglasses for the outing.

Last week, the Pepperdine University graduate opened up about her struggles in convincing some firms to invest in her company. The young CEO said gaining the approval of investors was such a “huge hurdle” for her because of how she’s portrayed by the media online.

“There’s all these rumors online that I’m a model and so they had that misconception in their head. And it just kind of proved to be really challenging,” Hutchins said during an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle’s Build series.

There’s been a lot of reports and rumors about Hutchins online. Most of them claim that she and the “I Am Cait” star are romantically involved. There was even a report that alleged they were getting married, but that didn’t happen. The latest rumor involving the two claims they are planning to have a child together with the help of a surrogate mother.

However, Jenner has already slammed the rumor. In a statement she issued via her representative, Kylie Jenner’s father said, “It’s a foolish rumor that has no merit and is completely untrue.”

It’s also worth noting that both Caitlyn and Sophia have debunked the romance rumors about them. Jenner said that they are close friends. On the other hand, Hutchins clarified that they are simply “business partners” who share a life together because they view the world so similarly.