In a horrific incident, a man from West Sacramento, California, who was accused of attempting to murder his wife and killing his children in September, pleaded guilty to the crimes Thursday. 

Robert William Hodges, 32, will be sentenced Jan. 19, 2018, to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

On Sept. 13, Hodges smothered his seven-month-old son Lucas to death. Within a span of few hours, he strangulated his other two children — Julie and Kelvin as well. Hodges even devised a plan to kill his wife, Mai Sheng Vang, however, failed to do so.

According to the Enterprise, a local publication, following his arrest, Hodges confessed to his crimes in a statement to Eric Palmer, the West Sacramento police detective. “He felt this was the best way to eliminate the entire family, and it would take care of all of their problems,” Palmer said of Hodges.

Several reports claimed financial crisis as the reason for Hodges crimes.

According to the report in ABC News, Jeff Reisig, the Yolo County  District Attorney said: “Ultimately, the surviving family’s desire for a swift and certain conclusion to this heartbreaking case led us to the conclusion that this resolution was most appropriate.”

Ron Johnson, the Yolo County Deputy Public Defender said: "His [Hodges] main goal was not to put the family through more than they’ve already been through,” Sacramento Bee reported.

According to a report in the local publication Sacramento Bee, Vang in a Facebook post, wrote: “He had always been a caring and loving person. But for whatever reason went (through) his mind, heart to do this, I can never imagine why. I ask myself every day, why?’”

According to the Daily Mail, Vang’s sister, Lyang Xvang, said she was not aware of any problems that the couple was going through, adding “They loved each other very much. I just don't understand how he made this choice.”

In another incident, a surgeon from Texas killed himself before shooting dead his children at their home in North Richland Hills, a suburb of Dallas. According to reports, Dr. Christopher Dawson suffered from depression which forced him to take this extreme step.

According to a report in the People Crime, North Richland Hills police spokeswoman Carissa Katekaru said: “The investigation is still ongoing. Detectives are still interviewing family and trying to piece together what led to this.