• Pack-A-Punch machines may be found in specific locations marked by an icon in the World Map
  • Interacting with Anomalies will always spawn a Pack-A-Punch machine
  • There are no generators or side-objectives required to activate Pack-A-Punch machines in Outbreak

The Zombies mode in “Call of Duty” wouldn’t be complete without a Pack-A-Punch machine on every level. These stations will massively increase a player’s firepower by buffing a gun’s stats across the board.

The new Outbreak mode puts squads of players in a large-scale Zombies experience. Outbreak territories are larger and more open-ended than traditional “COD Zombies” maps, which means that power-ups are more scattered. The Pack-A-Punch machine in this game mode also works a little differently.

In Outbreak, “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” players can access more than one Pack-A-Punch machine per territory. There’s also no need to turn on any power generators or do any extra objectives to have these machines spawn or be usable. Players will simply need to go to them and they’ll be ready to use.

Promotional image for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Outbreak, featuring an open game map with drivable vehicles
Promotional image for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Outbreak, featuring an open game map with drivable vehicles. Activision

Pack-A-Punch Locations

The location of a map’s Pack-A-Punch machine is conveniently highlighted on the World Map. Players will be able to see a Pack-A-Punch icon pinned somewhere on the map that they are in, making navigation much easier.

However, the icons don’t always appear right away. Players may sometimes need to finish a few objectives first. For those who are confused or curious, here are the usual Pack-A-Punch spawn locations.


The Pack-A-Punch in Alpine is located inside the Lodge to the north of the map. It’s placed near the fireplace on the first floor of the building,


The machine is placed on the second floor of the central building behind the statue in the Upper Town portion of the map.


The Pack-A-Punch is inside a farm building in the Old Farm section, located directly west of the map.


Finishing objectives in an area will eventually cause an Anomaly to spawn somewhere on the map. Interacting with this anomaly will spawn a Beacon that comes with a Pack-A-Punch machine and a few other upgrade stations.

“Call of Duty” players will be able to access Pack-A-Punch machines right away because of the absence of power generators, but the rate at which they gain points to actually upgrade weapons is lower than usual. It may be a better idea to save the PAP upgrades for the end of a map or once enough points have been accumulated.