Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria Reuters

Actress Eva Longoria is in hot water after retweeting a hateful remark directed at Mitt Romney. Normally, this wouldn’t be much cause for concern, but Longoria is also a national co-chairperson of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Longoria has also appeared in commercials for Obama and even spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Longoria was named as one of 35 co-chairpersons for Obama’s campaign in February. Other co-chairpersons include the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, and actor, Kalpen Modi, who acted under the name Kal Penn.

The message Longoria retweeted to her four million followers stated “I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote for Romney. You have to be stupid to vote for such a racist/misogynistic tw--.”

As a public figure for Obama’s campaign, any comment Longoria makes is under intense scrutiny. Surprisingly, the call for her resignation as co-chairperson was made by Alan Colmes.

Colmes, a liberal reporter and commentator for Fox News, discussed the tweet on the Fox News program ‘America Live.’ According to Colmes, “If I were the Obama campaign, I would not like to have someone use the language as a co-chair.” Colmes believes she should resign from her position as co-chairperson.

At first, Longoria did not claim responsibility for the retweet after it received plenty of criticism, simply stating that there was something wrong with her Twitter timeline. Later, Longoria apologized for the retweet, saying, “I use Twitter as a platform for all Americans and their opinions. Sorry if people were offended by retweet. Obviously not my words or my personal view. I respect all Americans #FreedomOfSpeech.”

After the statements on television, Colmes believes that the matter should be put to rest. Taking to Twitter, Colmes said, “The right wing should stop using me to beat up on @EvaLongoria. She apologized for her RT. Let's move on.”