Calvin Harris
Musician Calvin Harris arrives at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada May 17, 2015. Reuters/L.E. Baskow

Calvin Harris has spoken up following the release of pictures that showed former girlfriend Taylor Swift kissing and hugging Tom Hiddleston.

The DJ and producer appear to be in a happy mood when reporters spotted him at a Los Angeles gym on Thursday, Entertainment Tonight reported. When asked about his thoughts on the latest photos that featured the “Blank Space” crooner sharing several sweet moments with the “Thor” actor, Harris declined to comment.

One reporter also asked Swift’s former boyfriend whether the pop singer betrayed him. However, Harris remained quiet and just smiled at the cameramen and reporters. He did break his silence to relay, “It’s all good, it’s all good.” Harris also commented that Swift is “doing her thing.”

Swift and Harris were in a relationship for almost one year before announcing their break-up in early June. Several weeks after their separation, photos of the multi-awarded singer spending a sweet afternoon on the beach with the said Hollywood actor surfaced online. Previous reports have indicated that the two celebrities formed a bond after dancing together at the Met Gala held in May. Hiddleston was also said to have sent Swift flowers and has been courting her.

Meanwhile, the former Hollywood couple’s relationship has been “off” prior their split in June. A source shared with E!News that Harris and Swift “rhythm as a couple was just off.” The source explained that the two musicians’ appears to have each followed a different pace when it came to their relationship. "They [each followed] … a different beat. Taylor and [Calvin] have been checked out for some time now,” the source stated.

The constant travels that both Harris and Swift had during their relationship also contributed to the split. Another source told E!News that “distance” became a “big issue” between the former couple. “The long distance aspect caused a lot of distress. There were other things, but the distance was one of the main things that Taylor especially struggled with,” the source added.