British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for safeguards to prevent France and other eurozone countries from distorting the EU's single market in an attempt to shift financial services from Britain to the single currency area, the Financial Times reported on Monday.

Britain already intends to sue the ECB for setting rules that allegedly handicap London's finance district and would force one of the world's largest clearing houses to decamp operations to the euro area.

There is an argument about financial services and how we best regulate and make them safe and all the rest of it, but sometimes these things seem to be about other agendas, he said.

There are safeguards that will need to be put in place which may not require a treaty change. Safeguards for countries who are either not in the euro or don't want to join the euro but who joined a Europe that was predominantly about a single market.

(Reporting by Stephen Mangan; Editing by Ramya Venugopal)