Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles has finally received the royals' seal of approval for Prince Charles. Pictured: Prince Charles and Camilla depart the Civil Ceremony where they were legally married, at The Guildhall, Windsor on April 9, 2005 in Berkshire, England. Getty Images/Georges De Keerle

Camilla Parker Bowles has finally received the royals' approval.

According to Katie Harris, a reporter for Express, the public has already warmed to the Duchess of Cornwall and they are starting to recognize her key role. In fact, she posed alongside Prince Charles and his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William for the Prince of Wales' official birthday photos.

In the snaps, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle joined their respective husbands. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three children 5-year-old Prince George, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte and 6-month-old Prince Louis were all present, too.

Harris noted that the pictures established Camilla's place in the royal family. The family was beaming with joy as they posed.

In addition, even Queen Elizabeth II recognized Camilla when Her Majesty gave a speech before giving a toast to the future king on his birthday celebration.

"It is a privilege for any mother to be able to propose a toast to her son on his 70th birthday," Queen Elizabeth II said. "It means that you have lived long enough to see your child grow up. It is rather like - to use an analogy I am certain will find favour - planting a tree and being able to watch it grow."

"Over his 70 years, Philip and I have seen Charles become a champion of conservation and the arts, a great charitable leader - a dedicated and respected heir to the throne to stand comparison with any in history – and a wonderful father," the Queen continued "Most of all, sustained by his wife Camilla, he is his own man, passionate and creative."

Prince Charles and Camilla had a very rough start. They dated even before the Prince of Wales was introduced to a string of women including Princess Diana. However, the royal family didn’t approve the duchess because she was not "aristocratic" enough. In addition, they deemed her to be a woman with experience.

"It was absolutely vital to have on the throne somebody who was a virgin," Dr. Piers Brendan explained. "A future Queen must have no past."

According to Tom Bower, there was a time when Queen Elizabeth II actively disapproved Prince Charles and Camilla's affair. In fact, the monarch didn't want to see the duchess in any royal function.

Eventually, Her Majesty gave her approval when Prince Charles and Camilla got married in 2005. From the look of it, Camilla has already won the members of the Firm's support.