Camilla Parker Bowles is set to be the next queen when Prince Charles becomes king.

According to royal commentator Dickie Arbiter, the Duchess of Cornwall has been fully accepted into the Royal Family. As such, Camilla will surely become queen consort when Prince Charles becomes king because the title is reserved for the king's wife.

"When the Prince of Wales does become king, which could still be a long time off, she will become queen consort," Arbiter told Express. "There is no other title for the wife of the king."

Initially, the palace announced on its website that Camilla will only be called princess consort when Prince Charles takes over the throne. Many believed that the palace announced it as a sign of respect to Prince Charles' first wife, Princess Diana. Back then, "feelings were running very high" and the public was still coming to terms with the People Princess' death.

However, the royal commentator said he believes that things have already changed. Now, Camilla has already won the public's sympathy and confidence, and the monarchy has already moved on from the late Princess of Wales.

"I think you will find 13 years on that the Duchess of Cornwall is very much accepted by the Royal Family," Arbiter continued. "Prince William and Prince Harry are happy with her and happy for their dad and there is no reason why we shouldn't be either. Diana is not forgotten but the monarchy moves on and evolves."

Camilla's future as the next queen is already set, and Prince Charles reportedly wants her to receive this title. In addition, the announcement that Camilla would be princess consort has already been removed from the site.

"I think that Prince Charles when king would want his wife’s title to reflect his new status," royal expert Joe Little said. "When the time comes I think we will have a Queen Camilla."

"We’re 13 years on from the wedding and the public know much more about Camilla than they did then," Little added. "Clarence House's stance is that she will still be Princess Consort, yet that assertion no longer appears on their website."

Camilla's growing importance in the royal family is noticeable. In fact, the Duchess of Cornwall has reportedly overtaken Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in the Queen's pecking order.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles has no other title but to be Queen Consort when Prince Charles becomes king. Pictured: Camilla and Prince Charles arrive at Ascot Racecourse on Nov. 23, 2018 in Ascot, England. Getty Images/Justin Setterfield