Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles
Camilla Parker Bowles stunned in her tiara at an event in Sri Lanka years ago. Pictured: Camilla, Prince Charles arrive at the CHOGM Dinner at the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel during the Commonwealth Heads of Government 2013 Opening Ceremony at the Lotus Theatre on November 15, 2013 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Getty Images/Arthur Edwards-Pool

Camilla Parker Bowles’ fate as queen was sealed the minute she did this one thing in 2013.

Royal author Christopher Wilson told Daily Mail that when the Duchess of Cornwall attended Commonwealth heads of government in Sri Lanka in 2013, a high point of her 20 years in the spotlight finally came. At that time, Prince Charles was being sized up as the future head of the Commonwealth.

“Resplendent in a sky-blue silk dress and crowned by a colossal Boucheron tiara once worn by the Queen Mother, she presented, according to one eye witness, a ‘vision of the future,’' he said. "If she was to be Queen, the observer added, this was the moment when ‘she demonstrated she’s got what it takes – her confidence, her regal bearing, the night showed she’s most definitely ready for whatever lies ahead,” he added.

Five years later, it was announced that Prince Charles will one day take over Queen Elizabeth II’s post as the head of the Commonwealth. The Duke of Cornwall is also gearing up to become the next king. And when this happens, Camilla will most likely be known as the queen consort.

Last month, royal author Robert Jobson said that the law would have to be changed for Camilla to not be queen consort. This is the reason why she will most likely be given the title when Prince Charles becomes king.

Years ago, Jobson was also the one that wrote the story about Prince Charles marrying Camilla. At that time, the royal author said that Camilla would be Duchess of Cornwall, but she could also be the new Princess of Wales. However, Camilla chose not to assume Princess Diana’s official title.

Despite all of the controversies that surrounded Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship, Jobson said that Camilla has become a very popular lady because she does her job, and she also supports her husband. Since Camilla is also not in competition with Prince Charles, people will most likely be accepting of her as the future queen consort.