Prince Charles' wife Camilla Parker Bowles wants to be the next queen, according to a handwriting expert.

Since Camilla is married to the heir, Prince Charles, she has a big chance to be the next queen when the Prince of Wales take over the throne. The role will not be overwhelming to the Duchess of Cornwall as she reportedly loves it based on her handwriting.

"Camilla's writing has a large size with wide and irregular word and letter spacing," Tracey Trussell, handwriting expert and founder of, told Daily Express. "It means she adores being in the limelight. She craves respect and would love to be Queen."

Aside from loving the throne, Camilla's handwriting shows "vanity loops" and "arrogance arcades." This means that the Duchess has some worries about her performance, but will never show it to the public.

"Camilla worries about not doing well and living up to other people's expectations, but she'd never show that face to the world," Trussell continued. "She knows when to exert restraint and self-discipline. She'd never be pushed into doing anything she didn't want to do."

Meanwhile, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams believes that Prince Charles will give Camilla the title of the queen. "Every king has had a queen," Fitzwilliams explained.

In related news, royal followers are torn between having Camilla or not at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding. A poll revealed that eight percent of the British people believed that the Duchess of Cornwall should not be there. Meanwhile, 22 percent were undecided. Overall, 30 percent of the respondents do not fully approve Camilla's attendance in the next royal nuptials.

The poll with over 1,600 respondents asks, "Who do you think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should invite to their wedding?" It includes a random list of 12 celebrities including Barack and Michelle Obama, Donald, and Melania Trump, and David and Victoria Beckham. Camilla was also part of the options.

Despite some Brits not supporting the attendance of Prince Charles' wife in the upcoming royal wedding, Camilla remains the most popular choice. Seventy percent wants her to be there.

Prince Harry and Markle's wedding is set at St. George Chapel. It's the same venue where Prince Charles and Camilla held their service of blessings after their civil wedding in 2005. However, the upcoming royal wedding is expected to be different from what Camilla and Prince Charles had.