They have persisted through the entire season of “The Amazing Race” and now managed to make it to the final leg. However, London Kaye and Logan Bauer, aka #TeamLoLo, may seem like the biggest longshots to win the most important leg of all because of their history on the show thus far.

Despite being one of the most likeable and easiest to watch teams due to a stellar partnership, London and Logan have never had a chance to really shine compared to Tara and Joey and Brooke and Scott. They’ve generally always been in the middle or back of the pack, and have steadily climbed up the leaderboard as other teams faltered. However, their inability to so far break ahead and get a coveted win doesn’t necessarily have to be a disadvantage for them, and fans of the two shouldn’t necessarily count them out when it comes to their potential for winning “The Amazing Race.”

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Their Partnership Has Been The Best One All Season:

Though most of the teams, despite all being made up of complete strangers, had surprisingly great partnerships, of the final three teams, London and Logan’s is by far the greatest one. Tara and Joey have also been great partners, though they have occasionally lost their cool with one another and let the stress get to them. No matter how dire a situation felt, London and Logan have never once fought with each other the entire race, and have been completely supportive throughout. Even when he ran into trouble at the Roadblock in Ninh Binh, and suffered from how it affected him physically, Logan admitted later that any time he felt like he lost his cool, he couldn’t complain after everything that London had gone through earlier in the leg.

The Show Has A History Of Teams Never Winning Until The Final Leg:

There’s been a history on the show, especially in more recent seasons, where teams that have never won a leg ahead of making it to the finale wind up winning in the most important leg overall. It most recently happened with Kisha and Jen (Season 18), Josh and Brent (Season 21), Amy and Maya (Season 25) and Kelsey and Joey (Season 27). The trend also seems to skip a season or two in between those phenomenons, meaning it could be due time. While this would be something purely determined by fate, and not actually London and Logan’s ability to work as a team, fate has led to two surprising legs in a row on the race, with two teams that seemed guaranteed to make it to the finale, Becca and Floyd (#TeamFun), and Matt and Redmond (#TheBoys), both being eliminated in the last weeks. If fate is still working its magic on this race, then it might be time for another team with no prior wins to take home the prize, and that would be the advantage that London and Logan have over everyone else.

They May Seem Like Less Of A Threat To Their Competitors:

Because they’ve never won, and they’re always so friendly with the other teams, their competitors could potentially underestimate them in the final leg. If Tara and Joey or Brooke and Scott feel safe that London and Logan can’t win, it could mean they’ll let their guards down when it comes to them. If that happens, it gives London and Logan a perfect chance to strike and suddenly surprise them by taking the lead, and eventually, the win.

They’re Currently In The Middle Of The Pack:

Their second place finish in Seoul is their best by far, and it is also one that gives them some padding when it comes to the final leg. Though Brooke and Scott have the prime advantage as the first team to depart on the next leg, their lead isn’t that far ahead, meaning London and Logan can potentially pass them. However, if they don’t right away, they don’t have to worry about being in last either, because they know Tara and Joey are behind them. It’s a position they’ve been familiar with throughout the Race, and it’s one that’s been to their advantage before, as they’ve avoided being targets during U-Turns etc. Being in the middle of the pack could be their biggest leverage.


They Haven’t Had A Victory All Season

Though this could be an advantage for them, it’s also a disadvantage. While more teams have managed to win the final leg in recent years without getting a first place finish otherwise, plenty more seasons have seen teams that dominated at some point, or throughout the race in general, taking the win in the final leg. Statistically, having a prior win in at least one leg fares better for teams in the finale, which would give Tara and Joey (who have three prior wins) and Brooke and Scott (who have one) a big advantage over them.

They’ve Constantly Fallen Near The Bottom Of The Pack

Though they made it to the finale, being always near the bottom of the pack could be a disadvantage for them. While they’ve been competing against incredibly strong teams all season who may have just been that much better than them, which kept them from breaking through, it’s also something that can work against them. Despite working well together all the time, always being at the back of the pack is something that hasn’t helped them yet, and though they won’t start the leg off in last, they also won’t be the first team out, meaning they may not get a chance to break ahead.

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Can London and Logan $1 million? Take a look back at their journey through the race in the gallery above, and tune in to the Season 29 finale of “The Amazing Race,” Thursday June 1 at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.