Despite a series of obstacles throughout season 29, Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary, aka #TeamBrookeandScott, have made it to the final three on “The Amazing Race.” While they may seem like longshots, there is still a chance that the team could be the first ones to cross the finish line and win $1 million.

There are a number of factors that could come into play when it comes to Brooke and Scott’s chances at being the first team across the finish line. While they do have some pros working for them, the pair also do have a few cons that could stand in their way when it comes to beating both Tara and Joey and London and Logan to the mat.

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They Are Currently In First Place:

For the first time all season, Brooke and Scott got a first place finish in leg 11. That’s an enviable position to be in at any point in the race, especially in the final leg, because if a team can hold onto that lead, it can become exceedingly hard to beat them. This could be an advantage for them in the last leg, as a preview clip seems to show them ahead of the other teams during one of their tasks, and it could be a sign that they stayed ahead.

They Aren’t Afraid To Play Dirty:

Brooke and Scott have not been afraid to stick their necks out in the name of getting ahead of their competitors. Whether they’ve been intentionally unhelpful or misleading with information, organized group efforts to force other teams out of the race through U-Turns, or betrayed former alliances and gone back on their word, they have played the game for themselves when needed, and that is something that can help at this stage in the game.

Scott Has Faced His Fears:

The biggest advantage they have going in besides currently being in first place is the fact that despite the challenges they’ve faced, Brooke and Scott haven’t ever given up. Though Brooke has received help along the way from other racers when she’s struggled, Scott has not only persevered, but also managed to conquer his worst fear not once, not twice, but three times. If he can do that, he can likely accomplish any task if he sets his mind to it.


Brooke Has A Habit Of Second-Guessing Things:

Even when Scott has been confident that they are making the right move, Brooke has often wavered on their decisions and questioned if they’re doing things correctly. This could serve as a huge disadvantage in the final leg when they get to the memory challenge. If Brooke second guesses the challenge and the answers she and Scott provide, it could tie them up as they try to get through the task, giving the other teams a chance to pass them by.

Brooke Often Freaks Out Quickly:

Though she’s improved in recent legs, Brooke has often taken on an attitude throughout the race where she quickly assumed she could not complete a task or a challenge, which served as a handicap for them early on. She also quickly assumes the worst-case scenario when they don’t find success right away. If she lets her nerves get the best of her at any point during the final leg, and that behavior resumes, then it could spell trouble for them.

They Get Into Nasty Fights. A Lot.

Brooke and Scott are both very much Type A personalities, and that, as well as differing outlooks on tasks, has often caused them to butt heads, with almost disastrous consequences every time. The two had a massive meltdown in Hanoi, and they blamed one another for their misfortune the entire leg. Should something happen which brings out another battle, it could officially put an end to their quest for $1 million.

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Will Brooke and Scott emerge victorious and win $1 million? Take a look back at their time through the race in the gallery above, and tune in to the Season 29 finale of “The Amazing Race,” Thursday, June 1 at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.