London and Logan are likely to win the final leg of “The Amazing Race.” CBS

Another shocking and unexpected elimination has completely rocked how things have played out on season 29 of “The Amazing Race.” Now, the official final three teams are headed to the final leg back in the U.S., but only one can cross the finish line first and win $1 million.

Spoiler Alert: The Ending of Season 29, Episode 11, “As Easy As Stacking Cups” is discussed below.

In perhaps the most unexpected twist of the season, fate seemed to intervene once more and knock out a team that seemed guaranteed to make it to the final leg—and likely win the $1 million. Following Team Fun’s elimination in Vietnam due to the heat affecting Floyd’s health, one transportation issue set Matt and Redmond, aka #TheBoys, on the wrong path which eventually led to their jaw-dropping elimination in South Korea.

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While everyone else chose taxis as a form of transportation to their first clue upon arriving in Seoul, Matt and Redmond went on the advice of a local they spoke to off-camera, and took the subway. That proved to be a mistake for them, as that quickly took them from first place to last, and their luck wasn’t helped by a taxi driver who initially took them to the wrong place for the first Roadblock. They managed to make up time eventually and catch up to Joey and Tara at the second Roadblock, and even seemed to finish not too far behind them, but they appeared at the mat just seconds shy of securing the last spot in the final.

Now, their elimination is leaving the final outcome of the Race wide open, as it truly could be any of the remaining team’s game to win. Here’s how we think the teams will each place in the final leg:

Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary (#TeamBrookeandScott): 3rd Place

Brooke and Scott are likely to come in third place on the final leg of “The Amazing Race.” CBS

Though Brooke and Scott have managed to make their way to the final leg, and in the prime spot at number one, it doesn’t seem like the pair is going to be the ones to win overall. Though there is ambition and determination (they aren’t afraid to play dirty if they need to, nor are they afraid of betraying their alliances), the two have self-destructed too many times to guarantee that they’ll clutch the first place finish when needed most. Brooke tends to doubt their decisions as they make them, and while they complete tasks as well, and with the memory challenge that appears in every leg looming, unless they took insanely precise notes that she can’t doubt, they will likely get caught up there and miss out on the overall win.

Tara Carr and Joey Covino (#TeamMomandDad): 2nd Place

Tara and Joey are likely to come in second place on the final leg of “The Amazing Race.” CBS

While they are by far the top dog team in the finale with three previous first place finishes, Tara and Joey have faltered quite a bit in the last few legs. They were saved from elimination in Hanoi, and nearly missed out on the final leg in what seemed like a race to the final mat against Matt and Redmond. Though they have proven multiple times that they are a strong team that can complete tasks well, one small detail could trip them up, and when the pressure is on and they’re not performing well, the two seem to crack. If that potentially happens in the final leg they’ll miss out on the win, though most likely, it will be by mere minutes that they are beaten.

London Kaye and Logan Bauer (#TeamLoLo): WINNERS

There has been a tradition on the show, especially in a large portion of more recent seasons, where teams that have never won a leg ahead of making it to the finale pull off an impressive finish in the end, winning in the leg that matters most. Since the 18th season, it has happened four times, with Kisha and Jen (Season 18), Josh and Brent (Season 21), Amy and Maya (Season 25) and Kelsey and Joey (Season 27) all winning their seasons but never getting another first place. It also seems to skip a season or two in between that happening. Since Season 28’s winners, Dana and Matt, did win one other leg before winning the final, it would mean that a team that never won before is technically due. The only team that is in this final with no first place wins is London and Logan, so if fate is setting things up in such a way, then they’re the clear winners.

The two also have a chance because of the final teams, they’re the ones who have perhaps the best example of a perfect partnership. They have never lost their cool with one another, and have not really done that at all throughout the race. If they can continue keeping calm and working well together, it could give them the clutch win in the end.

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“The Amazing Race” Season 29 finale airs Thursday, June 1 at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.