It was only a four-week season, and things are already wrapping up on "Dancing With the Stars: Athletes." The brief season saw some great talent from the cast, who came out with impressive routines from the very beginning, though only three were able to call themselves finalists. While one team, in particular, seems most likely to take the Mirrorball, it could be anyone's game, which could give Tonya Harding and Sasha Farber, a.k.a. Team Axellent, a chance at the win.

Tonya and Sasha seem like the underdogs going into the final round, with the lowest judge's scores compared to their two competitors, but they could still have a chance at winning depending on a number of different factors.


Tonya Has Improved Over The Short Competition

Tonya Harding has improved throughout the "Dancing With the Stars: Athletes" competition.

Though they've only performed over the course of three weeks, Tonya has proven herself to be a worthy contender. She started off strong in the competition, scoring 23 points from the judges on her Foxtrot. She continued to improve in week 2, earning 33 points for her Quickstep. Her score stayed the same for her Rumba in Week 3 but was still an impressive showing.

People Like A Redemption Story

Harding is trying to redeem her reputation following the successful movie about her life, "I, Tonya," and that could work in her favor among some members of the voting public. A good redemption story is something that viewers usually enjoy, which could help her and Sasha during the final round of competition.


She May Still Not Be As Well-Liked

Though she has made it to the finals, which is largely due to viewer votes, Tonya still may not be as popular as her other competitors. She is the only one of the finalists who has been in jeopardy of elimination before, and there are still some out there who don't want to forget her past. Though she may have been able to beat the rest of the competition, she could have a disadvantage against Josh and Adam.

She Has The Lowest Average Scores

Of the remaining competitors, Tonya has the lowest average scores from the judges. While that doesn't necessarily mean she can't win, she has a bigger ladder to climb when it comes to getting better scores in the final round. If she can't truly pull off perfect dances, she may be looking at a disadvantage compared to the others.

"Dancing With the Stars: Athletes" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

If Tonya Harding isn't as well-liked as her competitors, she could lose out on the title of "Dancing With the Stars: Athletes" champion.