Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen at the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2006, the same year she suffered a minor stroke. Reuters

Candice Bergen revealed she suffered a stroke in 2006, and hasn't quite recovered her memory loss.

The former Sex and the City star, who played Carrie Bradshow's fearsome Vogue editor in the series and in the first installment of the movie, told New York Magazine she kept her stroke a secret because she doesn't want it to be a liability.

At the time of her stroke, Bergen had a prominent role on the hourlong drama Boston Legal, and said she only missed two weeks of filming. (Kudos to her Boston Legal co-workers for keeping mum on the health scare.)

In the candid interview, Bergen admitted that her memory still is not quite the same. Five months ago, she broke her pelvis in a bike riding accident. Wow, now I can fall and I'll break, she recalled thinking.

Bergen is currently playing a disenfranchised First Lady on Broadway, in Gore Vidal's The Best Man. When she was first approached to take the role, she said, she was reluctant.

I had no confidence in my memory, and I didn't want to leave my husband, who believes very much in a marriage where you're present.

(Bergen has been married to billionaire real estate developer Marshall Rose since 2000).

She agreed to take the role, but had some anxiety about it.

The closer it got, the more I thought, 'What have I done? I'm going to go out and make an a88hole of myself!'' Bergen told NYMag. Now, I am so grateful that I did it. Frankly, just not being a shambles onstage.

Bergen is taking her evolving career in stride.

People complain about parts for women, people complain about getting old, she told NYmag, arguing, It's a privilege to get old.

Bergen is 65, and this is her first appearance on Broadway since appearing briefly in Hurlyburly in 1984.

The reality is that I don't look like I used to look, she said. I just don't care enough, and in a way it's saved me.